Friday, October 28, 2011

More of Makayla(18 months)

Get excited.
I got real creative and did another post with bullets and facts about my beautiful daughter.  But hey, at least this time there are pictures included!  My time is limited and the weeks(aka life) continues to fly by, so I just have to do what I can with this blog!
  • I wrote last time that she is great at saying "tank two" for thank you...yeah, that went out the door randomly.  She used to say it after says it only after I ask her to and if she feels like it.
  • Tantrums.  Where in the world did these come from??  She doesn't go to daycare and therefore hasn't witnessed it from other children.  We don't have cable and she only watches a kids show once a day(Dora the explorer, Sesame Street, Care Bears, etc), which means I can't blame it on tv.  So?  I have no idea.  But she does the whole whine/cry, throw herself on the floor, and flap her arms and legs thing.  Does this mean it's time for more discipline?  Where's my parents manual when I need it!
Good thing she is cute :)

(Daddy and Kayla on the boat at the cabin this summer)

  • More LOTS of teeth coming in.  She had 4 teeth on the top and 4 on the bottom for the longest time.  Now she is practically getting all her molars and other teeth at the same time.  Handling it well so far though.  I just never realized how LONG the "tooth coming in" process really is.
  •  Has had a runny nose this week...not sure if it's a sickness coming on or just from her teeth but her nose drips like a faucet.  She actually started to "blow" when I put the tissue up to her nose yesterday.  Today when I was getting ready for work in the bathroom, she was in there playing too...and I looked down at her at one point, she had pulled toilet paper off the roll and was putting it on her nose and just blowing away.  So cute and funny.  Snot was everywhere but like any mom, I was so impressed how smart she is!!  Only a mom would overlook boogers everywhere to get excited at their child.

This is from last month sometime-when it was still nice enough to wear a romper and sunhat!
  • Goes down the slide at the park all by herself now!  She used to only go down if mom or dad was helping(holding) her.  But Cornell sent me a little video last night of them at the park and she went down, and then did her cute little "i'm excited" dance at the bottom.
  • Is still a major mommas girl.  Always wants me to hold/carry/hug her.  I'm just soaking it in.  I'm sure when January hits and her little sibling pops out, daddy will be her favorite.
  • Still a great eater.  Her favorites include oatmeal, cereal, any kind of soup, spaghetti, and fruit smoothies.  Oh yes, and EVERYtime she sees a McDonalds, she does the "choo choo" motion with one arm but says "Shake, shake" while doing it.  LOL.  Maybe I did go through a chocolate shake phase this pregnancy but it wasn't THAT bad?! ( so I thought).  I gave in yesterday and stopped to get her one just because it's so cute when she does it!
  • Here signature dance move is the "gitty up." (as Cornell would say).  She dances around like she's riding a horse.
  • Loves to grab Charlotte by the collar and lead her around the house while giving commands.  haha.  Poor Charley, looks at me with sad eyes everytime Makayla starts grabbing her collar but she's a good sport and goes along with it.

And a little pregnancy update: I'm huge, everyone at work stops me and says "when are you due again?" or "are you sure there aren't twins in there?"  I feel like saying "only a couple weeks left!"
("a couple" can mean 10, right?)
But baby is doing great and that's all that matters! So active in my belly...I do enjoy this stage in pregnancy, when you can practically feel them doing somersaults in there.  Much better than at the end when you feel like an alien is shifting around.

Hopefully more of an update on life next time...moving, Cornell's new job, recipes, baking, etc!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

17 months

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, I am totally loving this stage that Makayla is in.  She's so fun to hang around(unless it's around nap time!) and makes me laugh all the time.  She's my little sidekick.
Some updates to her world...
  • Obviously is walking. I'm a horrible mom and didn't document the exact date she started but it was between 14 and 15 months.  She still gets a little out of control if she tries the fast toddler walk/run but only has had a few wipe outs.
  • Is a total girly girl! Likes necklaces and bracelets.  Does not like to get dirty.  She comes up to me if she has even a piece of lint or a crumb on her hand and says "duuurty, duuurty" with a sad face and waits for me to wipe her hand off.  She also does not like bugs...the other day she was sitting in her high chair and a fly was buzzing around her.  She was fine just pointing at it but then it randomly landed on her nose...I flicked it off quickly and said, "oops Makayla, you had a fly on your nose."  She says, "BUG? Nooooose." and starts BAWLING!!  It was very tramatic as you can imagine :)  Today we were outside and saw a very small spider, she ran and latched onto my legs and in her saddest voice said, "bug, bug!"
  • So smart.  I know every parent says this about their child but it is just amazing to see them process things on their own and think for themselves.  I am constantly amazed at the tasks she watches me do and then trys to imitate me.  She loves to carry around her shirts or pants and try to fold them after watching me fold our laundry.  I can ask her to go throw something away for me and she will toddle over to the garbage can and throw it in there.  And when I say, "momma has to go potty" she heads to the bathroom with me, pulls tiolet paper off the roll, proceeds to wipe the side of my leg with it, and then flushes the tiolet, all while saying "Butt, Butt."  All I can say is, "Well, thank you so much Makayla!"
  • Along with imitating our actions, she is great at mimicing our words.  She will say just about anything you ask her too.  Today I had to chuckle at her..I saw a friend at Walmart and I must have said "I'll see ya later" because Makayla then begins yelling down the aisle "SEE YA!"  She also makes me smile everytime she says "AAAA-mean" for "amen" after we pray, even yells it outloud at church :)
  • Great at saying thank you, although it comes out like "tank two."
  • Shy some days around strangers, other days she finds it necessary to say "HI" to every.single.person we see.
  • Continues to be a great sleeper.  Goes to bed around 8:30 and wakes up between 8:30 and 9.  Then takes a 2-3 hour nap around noon.

I love watching her laugh.  I love watching her turn in circles when she's trying to dance.  I love when she lays her head on my shoulder and just wants to be held.  I love hearing her say "mommy" and "luv you."

I've been a little emotional the past week, not sure if it's pregnancy hormones or just mommy hormones, about her.   I cry because I just love her so much, I cry because I just don't want to miss anything she does, I cry because I feel so lucky that God gave me the chance to be HER mommy-this beautiful, perfect little girl.  Sometimes at the end of my day, when I'm laying in bed, I get mad at myself for trying to get her to entertain herself while I do laundry and the dishes quick.  Why didn't I just put the housework aside and spend that time with her?  How do you balance enjoying your child, being a wife, working full time, spending time with the Lord, running a household, and also fit in taking care of myself? 
Good question right?! :)
The life of a's a hard job, but the best job.

*sorry for no pictures! I have some cute ones on my computer but no internet yet since we have moved! :)  Soon hopefully!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yesterday, Makayla and I were hanging out at home and I asked her to smile for Grandma since I was going to send a quick picture of her to my mom.  This is the result...
She loves to say "CHEEEEESE!" and make that face when asked to smile.  It's hilarious and makes me smile along with her.

Right after that, I was brushing my hair and she said "momma's hair?" and I said "yes, momma is brushing her hair."  Then she replied, "PRETTY!"

My heart melted.  I am constantly amazed at how much I just love her.  She is so sweet and quite smart if I do say so myself ;)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Our exciting news...

Labor day weekend seems like an appropriate time to finally announce that Thomas Baby #2 is on its way!!

We are so very excited!  It happened a bit quicker than expected, but I remind myself that Gods timing is always perfect.
 I'm just a bit over 5 months pregnant and time is flying by so fast.  When I was pregnant with Makayla, I knew exactly how far along I was the whole time, this pregnancy I seem to forget from week to week.  I think having a busy 17 month old has something to do with it :)
.Makayla is excited too...

How about that hair?! LOL...I'm working on a post now too about all the new things she has been up to.  I absolutely LOVE this stage she is at.  So fun!

Here's a quick picture from our time in Minnesota.  So fun to hang with cousins :)
More to come soon...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

SUmMeR 2011

 I've been MIA once again from my blog( feels like I say that alot, sorry).
Here is a little update on our life through random pictures on my IPhone.

This actually goes back to May...I got to go to Seattle for my job and went down to the market that is always on the movies.  Here is where you normally see them throwing the huge fish around and people catching them.  I waited for awhile but no one bought any when I was there, the guys working did sing a song or two.  Kinda a smelly place ;)

There were barrels and barrels of fresh, gorgegous, HUGE, tulips.  My favorite flower of course.  I think a dozen was like $5.00 or something crazy.  If I lived there, I would have them in my house constantly!

My little Makayla.  It's been so hot down here, one day I filled her little plastic kiddie pool so she could sit and play in it.  Wasn't too interested...kept venturing over to play with the rocks.

Another hot day, we stopped at Sonic to get a slushie before heading to our friend's pool.  My best friend, Anne, got her that little bikini for her birthday :) So cute.  Hard to hide the swim diapers underneath though!

I have created a monster.  She LOOOOVES to hold her own popsicle, ice cream cone, push-up, etc.  But doesn't quite understand that they melt and she can't just carry them around forever.  So this is the end result...very upset little girl at the mean mommy for taking her melted ice cream cone.

I got to see my long lost friend, Ashley, when she came to Nashville in June.  Glad she got to meet Makayla finally too :)
I bought organic sunscreen for Makayla.  It turns her white for a little while until it soaks in( you can see it on her arm).  It's an interesting task putting on a one year old...they don't sit still long, at all!

Then the exciting birth of my new nephew, Isaiah Alan Wick.  He's so cute and has a pretty awesome big brother :)

Love this picture of her! I finally can fit her hair in pigtails and she lets me do it too :)

Spaghetti for dinner with daddy.  This little girl LOVES to eat!

Noah hanging out with Grandma Wick.  I believe they were watching someone mow the lawn. LOL.  And I don't think that was Grandma's idea ;)  Noah is such little boy!

Makayla looking for the "DOG-eeeee"

I was nice enough to make Cornell's eye exam along with mine, so they had us in the room together.  This is how he repays me...taking mean pictures and video while I found out how blind I really am. :)

Just figuring out the water bill.  Very interesting apparently :)

More later...

Friday, July 29, 2011

13 months old

(fyi...i wrote this post 2 months ago but forgot to publish, so just a little late!)

Before I became a mother, I never understood the whole saying your childs age in the number of months thing.  I understand before they are one years old, you have to say 6 months, or 8 months, etc.  But after that?  If your child is 18 months, say "she's a year and a half."  That makes it just easier right?  None of this, "oh, my child just turned 37 months."  
BUT, now that Makayla has past the one year mark, I can see myself totally doing it!  Lots can change in a months time.  They grow so fast, it's just the way our mom brain keeps track.  Although if I start going past lets say, 24 months, someone please say something to me! lol.

Lets see, what's going on in Makayla's world? 

She's still not walking.  And no real interest in it.  She'll hold onto our hands and take some steps, or even push around her toys, but I still don't see your being independent anytime soon.  Everyone continues to ask "is she walking yet?"  Sometimes I get tired of saying "no," because for some reason, then I feel like something is wrong with her if she's not yet.  I think maybe I'll just start saying "yep."

Here she is yesterday in her little wagon from Grandma Wick.  The first second thing my mom said when she saw this was, "doesn't she have the seatbelt on?"  LOL.  So just in case anyone else has that thought in their children were injured in the photographing of this picture.

haha :)
Once a mother, ALWAYS a mother.

 (just teasing ya mom)

Makayla says a few more words now too, but it's kind of sporatic.  Some days she will mimic lots of things I say, and other days hardly any at all.  She will say fish now (comes out "ish"), "hot", and some form of "juice."  She also started doing the sign for "eat."  It's funny how I would do that sign over and over, but she seemed to pay no attention to me.  I stopped doing it for a week or so and then all of a sudden the other day, she did it for every meal.  I was so excited.  There is nothing like seeing how incredibly smart your child is! :)

She also goes "ooooooooooh" and makes this face...

(I was letting her feed herself yogurt for lunch)

Also, the past couple weeks she has been so clingy.  ( I don't mean that in a bad way at all).  If she's playing, she would rather play while sitting on my lap.  If I am doing anything in the house, she wants to be right by myside.  I can forget going into another room quick without her because she becomes absolutely hysterical if she can't see me.  So, we bake together, clean together, fold laundry together, sweep together, all of it together.  My little sidekick. 

BUT, I am not complaining because I know there will be a day when I wish she wasn't so independent.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My little sweetie

Just a quick couple pictures...Makayla's hair is growing and growing, I'm thinking we will be able to do pigtails soon! I've never been a huge fan of them, but I understand now that it's a mom thing. It can be very exciting to think about styling your daughters hair. :)

Can you see the third tooth on the bottom? The top 2 are STILL coming in... I think we are going on a month now!


Monday, April 18, 2011

*trip to minnesota*

So, a couple weeks ago, Makayla and I headed up to Minnesota to celebrate her cousin/my nephew(Noah) turning 2 and her turning 1.  Sadly, Cornell didn't get to join us :(  The price of a plane tickets is just too expensive these days! 
Flying with a 1 year old...I knew it wasn't going to be a relaxing flight, but she did pretty darn good on the way there(the way home is another story).  Beside the guy in the seat across the aisle from us huffing and puffing whenever she cried a little, we made it to Minneapolis in one piece.  But- ended up landing late and missing our connecting flight to Duluth.  Mom didn't want us to have to wait 6 hours in the airport so she hopped in her car to just come pick us up :)
While waiting, we found a wonderful area for kids to play in...Makayla had a great time...

That little red package she is holding in all the pictures is a pack of airline cookies. She likes to carry stuff around, not any of her toys, but things that are much more interesting. 
Packs of cookies. get the picture.
So we made it up to Duluth that night safe and sound.  It always feels so good to just be home and around my family.  Oh how I miss them.

Makayla sure had fun with this little guy...
Noah seriously could not get any cuter!  He is going to be the best big brother.  My heart just melts when he goes up real close to her and says, "HI Kayla...hi!"  So sweet.
I think they took a bath everyday together...hehe.

We headed up to the Aquarium one for the kids.  Here's Makayla with Auntie Kelly...

 Me and my 2 favorite little ones(Makayla wouldn't give up the keys)!
 Grandma and Makayla...
 Practicing walking with a little help :)
One way to Makayla's heart is with food.  The girl loves to eat!!  So grandpa and grandma were all over that!  Here she is feeling like a big girl at the counter.

 Doing "soooo big!"

Then it was time for BiRThDay PaRTy day! Wonderful to have our family and friends there! 

My mom got Makayla her birthday girl was so adorable!  Ruffle butt cupcake bloomers...seriously!!

The paparazzi was even there taking pics...

jk Jord :)

Time for cake. 
 Makayla wasn't really sure about it at first but she ended up digging in...

More family, and my girlfriends came the next day too.  Here's our awesome soon-to-be cousin in law, Cassie...

 My wonderful girlfriends...
 Auntie Cathy made the long trip from Wisconsin to spend the night with us :)
 Auntie Lu and Cassie...
And then a little time outside with Grandpa.

Sad to leave, but we will be back soon(August) plus we were missing Daddy!  The flight home was HORRIBLE, or maybe I should say horrendous.  Makayla had a tantrum while we were taxing on the runway before take-off.  Which means I couldn't move or do anything.  She was screaming, thrashing her body all around, sweating, etc.  It was great.  She has NEVER done anything like that before?  The flight attendant even got out of her seat and came over to say, "is there anything I can do to help?", no.  She just didn't want to sit still. 
Then after I got her calmed down...just to add a little more excitement, she peed all over my lap.  Diaper must have gotten out of place with all the thrashing around during her episode.  Good thing I had black pants on because I just ignored it and pretended like it never happened.  
Calm baby or sitting in pee pants?  I went with not disturbing the calm baby. 

MOM of THE YEAR award

And just like that, it's been over a month since I blogged! 
I have lots to catch up on...our trip to MN, Makayla's birthday parties, Cornell preaching...but, I need to update on Makayla first!  I fear that I will blink and we will be on to the next stage with her :(

So, all you moms know how busy busy busy a 1 year old is.  She isn't walking yet, BUT, she is pushing things, pulling herself up on everything, crawling as fast as she can to her new destination, etc.  Here she is today pushing her baby stroller from Grandpa...
{thanks Kim B. for the cute dress and jeans!}

After today, I now know why God has children go through each mobility stage...not for the child to slowly gain independance, but for the PARENT to prepare for the chaos their life is about to turn into!  Take today for went down in the books for me and my mothering skills. 

First, Makayla almost rolls off the bench at church(I caught her mid-air).  Second, she trys to stand in her stroller WHILE we are crossing one of the busiest streets in town.  Third, we get to the ice cream shop and I take her out of her stroller...only to find her chewing on a old cigarette butt 3 seconds later.  Eew, I still want to vomit thinking about that.  Lastly, she falls off the couch(with me sitting right there by her) and hits her head on the walker and then the floor. 
All in one day!  Nominate me for mother of the year please...

And to think I want more kids...yikes!!  I can barely handle one!  How do moms do it?

All that to say....Makayla is SUCH a joy in our lives.  I love her little giggle.  Her kisses.  The way she hugs me, Cornell, or any of her stuffed animals and says "ohhhhhhh" while laying her head on our shoulder.  She is so loving.
She says BALL, HI, BYE, and of course KEEEEY.  She loves keys.  Not fake plastic keys, only the real thing.  Also enjoys carrying socks around(?).  I have found her numeorus times during the day crawling around with just one sock in her hand.
Yesterday she was touching my feet and saying some type of baby gibberish.  I realized after a couple times of her doing it that she was trying to say "tickle tickle."  Her daddy is always tickling cute to see her try and re-enact it with me :)

Here she is a few days ago playing peek-a-boo with me...


Hehe :)  Silly girl.