Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby Baby Baby

Cornell and I are finally ready to announce that we are expecting!!

It comes as a surprise, but a WONDERFUL surprise! We both can't wait to be parents!

We found out the week after I dropped Cornell off at school. I thought I was feeling nauseated because I was so stressed with Cornell being gone but it just wouldn't go away, no matter what I did. And then I started feeling like I had triple D size boobs and they really hurt so I knew something wasn't right! LOL.. So 4 pregnancy tests later(just to make sure one of them wasn't wrong) my weird symptoms had a reason. :)

So right now I am about 14 weeks, due April 15. Finally out of my first trimester, thank the Lord. I was sick for about 7 weeks I think and it was not fun. Just a constant car-sickness feeling, all day long. No such thing as "morning sickness" for me. I only threw up once but that didn't help any. So I am excited now to be able to eat semi-normal again.

I've had 2 ultrasounds so far and there sure is nothing more amazing than seeing your baby on that monitor and hearing the heartbeat. I cried the first one. The second ultrasound was for some abnormal bleeding I was having and scaring me. Turned out to just be a random blood clot behind my placenta and everything was fine. :) I can't wait til Cornell gets to see an ultrasound.

We aren't sure if it's a boy or girl yet, too early to find out! Cornell is positive it's a boy though and I know it's a girl!