Sunday, March 29, 2009

My new obsession...

Okay, I'm not talking about my husband this time...

I'm talking about our new camera! We are both so excited as you can tell...

We've been talking about investing in a "nice" camera since we got married and finally, after some research by Cornell(aka the future Brad Wick), we bought the Nikon today!
I love it so far!

Charlotte got a major photoshoot today. Can't wait til tomorrow to venture outside.

Stay tuned for more pics! ;)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Smiling from ear to ear

Looks like we have one proud Grandpa on our hands! :) I stole this picture from Kelly's facebook page today(sorry Kel)because I just love it. It's EXACTLY how I pictured my dad around his new grandson. I'm assuming this was the day Dad was "stopping by for 15 minutes" and ended up leaving 3 hours later!? :) Careful Kel, he may bring his sleeping bag next time! *wink wink*
Ps...stop by Kelly and Josh's blog to see Noah's first video! He is so observant of his surroundings! I just love him!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Right on time...March 21, 2009

The Wick family had a very exciting weekend with the birth of Noah Alan Wick! Kelly did amazing and gave birth on Saturday afternoon. Noah came out weighing 7lbs 7 oz, and if you have ever met Kel you know this is pretty, um, HUGE, for her! Look how perfect he is...

We all can't help but say, "He is such a Wick baby." My mom says he looks exactly like his Daddy's baby pictures.

Uncle Dubz got to visit yesterday with the rest of my family. Noah looks like a little burrito in Bry's arms. :)I was working on Saturday and am so thankful for my mom and Josh because they texted me all day to keep me up to date with all the excitement! And the girls at my work were so sweet and supportive for my exciting news, thanks Ash and Amma! :)

I absolutely cannot wait to meet Noah, it still seems surreal to me at times. My little brother owns a home, has a beautiful fiance, and is now a DAD! Just amazing. I've been so emotional about all of this, God is so good! Congrats again Josh and Kelly!!

Sunday morning Cornell and I volunteered at our church to help sell our Pastor's new book, "Living on Target." Here is one of the other helpers, Gail. She is so sweet and hugs everyone she knows! :)

Then one of Cornell and I. We had lots of fun and can't wait to read the book! :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Brown Mustard

I've been a bad blogger lately, sorry! The new house stuff is keeping me busy/entertained. Cornell was in West Virginia this past weekend for a men's gathering so I did some much needed unpacking. But of course there is always more boxes, seems never ending!

Last wednesday we started to paint the kitchen/dining room. I was at work all day and wondering why everytime i talked to Cornell that day, he said "I'm still taping." I also noticed that he had to keep running to Lowe's for more blue tape. When i got home, I found my answer...

Cornell had taped every inch of the trim. It looked like we had blue trim....LOL. Poor guy, it took him ALL day just to tape. I guess I should have mentioned that only the edges needed to be taped. Here is the other side after he realized the much easier way...

First coat of paint!

3 days of painting and many long hourse later...
We LOVE it! It makes the whole room feel so much warmer. We still have to put our paintings on the walls, but the IKEA chalkboard made it up right away!
Here is the other side of the favorite. FYI-here's our refridgerator that we got at Sears outlet for only $550. Great deal!! It has a scratch on the handle and the bottom left door, but who cares!? Not us. Cornell hates my blue canisters, I love them but do agree that not the best color for the room now.

Charlotte loves the new color too. :)

We also painted the ceiling...apparently it'a the "new" thing to do. Wasn't sure how I would feel about it but it really brings the room altogether. This picture doesn't really do it justice but you get the idea.

We are taking a little break until next pay day to do the next room, the living room. It gets so expensive to buy 3 gallons of paint and all the a little overwhelming. Maybe next week.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Savin' some money.

First, I just wanted to give a litte update on our saving money plan. I have to admit, because of all the chaos with moving, we have been eating out a bit more and I have not even thought about using a coupon. Just seems like too much work sometimes! But today when I did some grocery shopping, I tried to make an effort to buy items on sale for meals since i had NO coupons with me.

First stop was Target. I buy Target brand for alot of items we need. Here I saved only 6 dollars, and I got mad at myself for not using Cornells discount card for working at Target( fyi...his new job) which is 10% off. That could have been another $5. I will remember next time for sure!

Next stop was the grocery store near our new house. I needed a few dinner ideas and we just kept running into these great deals! We are so nerdy that we high-five each other in the store when someone finds a great price cut. Cornell and I were both pretty pumped about this money saver of....

yeah, that says $26.12. I couldn't believe it! And that was without hardly even trying and planning out this weeks meals! I can do alot with $26 these days! :)

We did get all moved in on Saturday, we ended up having so much help that it only took about 3 hours total to move out and then in to the new place. Such a blessing! And by the way, I absolutely LOOOOOVE our new home. I just want to be here all the time. The neighbors are great, it is quiet, close to our stores but not too close, and I can even hear crickets at night and see the moon(something you forget when living in the city). Charlotte loves it also, I got nervous because during our last move, she was depressed for awhile....not a problem this time. She is so tired at night from running around outside and constantly playing. God is good!

Oh and ps...sorry Meg and Kim...but it was so pretty down here this weekend! 75 degrees and even up to 83 today.

Friday, March 6, 2009


We are EXtRemELy cheesy....
but very excited new homeOWNERS!
We finally closed today so it is official!
Here is Cornell sitting on our porch, on our "pretend" rocking chairs.
Me, FULLY, enjoying my new kitchen! yay!
Cornell, just passing by the kitchen, asking for a glass of water....told you we are cheezy.
And me starting to unpack a few kitchen items...
Tomorrow is the big move!
Wish us luck...more pics to come!

Monday, March 2, 2009

A little update...

Well, it's March 2nd and we are not moved into our beautiful new townhome...we found out last friday from our loan officer that our paperwork is all approved but it takes a few extra days to "put it all together." He said for sure by friday we will close on the home. So now we just wait for the phone call this week...
We did stop by the townhouse last week to measure for your new refridgerator and found that they finally put in our stainless steel appliances...we were both SOOOO excited!! We were like little kids on Christmas day! Here is a picture Cornell took on his blackberry of the stove...

So we headed home to continue on the packing...but the packing turned into Cornell MAKING me get rid of clothes.
LOL...just kidding!
But, it needed to be done. I mean, why do I have clothes from 10th grade that 'I just might possibly wear" now? Not sure
Okay,hold on...watching the Bachelor and Jason just broke up with Melissa! BOOO....What the heck? I was just so excited that he picked her. This guy needs to figure himself out. WEIRD! And he crys alot.

Back to packing...I think maybe Cornell enjoyed it more than I did. He got to play dress-up...

My two main areas to weed through were my tank-tops and t-shirts. I had soooooo many tanks: red, blue, green, pink, white, workout style, dress-up tanks, strapless, etc. I think I got rid of over half...than my t-shirts. So I might wear a t-shirt once and awhile to bed or to work out(obviously very seldom)! But I had a HUGE drawer full. Cornell almost lost it when he saw I still had a DARE shirt in there. haha...This picture is me parting with my treasured tees.
We gave about 5 garbage bags full of clothes to the goodwill and a bag of jackets to Jackson Park Ministries. Hopefully they find good use with someone else!

We also spent a good portion of the weekend watching movies...ate some popcorn and just enjoyed being together. No real good movies to report. We also had a random snow storm last night. We went out to play with Charlotte and throw a few snowballs! It was that perfect snow that is wet, fluffy, with huge snowflakes! So fun! As you can predict, today was a "snow day" for all businesses and schools here in Charlotte, NC. :)