Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Turning 3

Alright y'all…my whole plan of blogging more often in 2013 is a huge fail.  Tomorrow is May.  I've wrote on this blog once this year so far.  How do other mommy bloggers do it?  I don't know.  I need a plan.

So to bring us all up to speed, Makayla turned 3 years old this month.  The girl is growing up right before our eyes.  Let's go through a few pictures of her day...

I love her hair in the mornings.

Opening a couple presents from mom and dad.

We had a couple people over that night for dinner, cake, and to open presents from my family.  Our dear friends, Scott and Jeanne Fraser, came over and Scott got in the birthday spirit with the girls!

Opening the tea set from Uncle Josh, Auntie Kelly, Noah, and Isaiah.

Noah picked out a cake to serve with the tea too!  So cute!

Large floor puzzle of different kids from all around the world (from Grandma and Poppa).  We've put this together numerous times already, good activity for her and I to do together.  

And probably her favorite gift, if you can tell by her face (I wish I would have gotten a better angle of her smiling on this one)...

ROLLER SKATES!! from Uncle Bry.  She talked about wanting roller skates for days and days before her birthday--I didn't even know she knew what they were!?!

Immediately put on the roller skates.  Then she got her dollhouse from Grandma and Poppa.  Seriously, so cute, all the little furniture is made out of wood and came with the dollhouse.

I think I'm going to start the tradition of letting my kids pick their birthday dinner every year.  Earlier this year for Adara's birthday, I made her favorite foods--homemade mac and cheese and broccoli (obviously she was too little to "pick" what she wanted).  Makayla picked spaghetti and chocolate milk.  I also cut up cucumbers and strawberries because she loves those too.  Interesting combination, I know, but it makes it fun for the child.  Kayla also requested chocolate cake.

I saw this idea on Pinterest of putting a layer of brownie in the middle of your chocolate cake.  Let me tell you…GENIUS!!!

It was a little rich but still oh so yummy.  I caught the birthday girl taking extra tastes...

Fun day and I think our goal of making the birthday girl feel special was accomplished! :)

Two days later, we had Makayla's "kid" party at the local park.  It was gorgeous weather and a great day to be playing outside.

After all the playing, it was lunch time.

I used my same ideas from her birthday last year of rainbow fruit kabobs and veggie cups, plus sandwiches, chips, and Izze juice.  Good and easy picnic food.

Cupcakes and a donut tower for dessert.  Kayla had been asking and asking for donuts so I caved in and let her have them for her birthday.  (Why are those little hard-coated, chocolate donuts so yummy?)

The kids played again and then we all headed home for nap time.  Saying that Makayla had a blast is an understatement!  She talked for days about her friends coming to her party to play with her.  I almost didn't even have a "kid" party for her because she's still so little and sometimes gets overwhelmed by so much activity.  But gosh, so glad I did!  

Thanks to all our family and friends for making Makayla's third birthday so fun!