Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby Baby Baby

Cornell and I are finally ready to announce that we are expecting!!

It comes as a surprise, but a WONDERFUL surprise! We both can't wait to be parents!

We found out the week after I dropped Cornell off at school. I thought I was feeling nauseated because I was so stressed with Cornell being gone but it just wouldn't go away, no matter what I did. And then I started feeling like I had triple D size boobs and they really hurt so I knew something wasn't right! LOL.. So 4 pregnancy tests later(just to make sure one of them wasn't wrong) my weird symptoms had a reason. :)

So right now I am about 14 weeks, due April 15. Finally out of my first trimester, thank the Lord. I was sick for about 7 weeks I think and it was not fun. Just a constant car-sickness feeling, all day long. No such thing as "morning sickness" for me. I only threw up once but that didn't help any. So I am excited now to be able to eat semi-normal again.

I've had 2 ultrasounds so far and there sure is nothing more amazing than seeing your baby on that monitor and hearing the heartbeat. I cried the first one. The second ultrasound was for some abnormal bleeding I was having and scaring me. Turned out to just be a random blood clot behind my placenta and everything was fine. :) I can't wait til Cornell gets to see an ultrasound.

We aren't sure if it's a boy or girl yet, too early to find out! Cornell is positive it's a boy though and I know it's a girl!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello? Are you still there?

Remember me? Jamie? I'm baaaack...

It's been almost 2 months since I last wrote a new post...not even sure if my mom still checks this blog! :) We have had a pretty busy summer with some big decisions that were getting prayed for(and continue to be!)

I guess I'll start at the beginning for those that don't know the "whole" Cornell and I originally moved down here from MN because he had a basketball scholarship for a D2 school here(JCSU). Well, we have been here for 2 years and he still has never played an actual game, only practiced. Every semester, for a total of 4, there was some "new reason" for his ineligibility. We both felt that for this coming year, it would be best to not continue at JCSU and that the "door had shut." And then within two months, the Lord answered our prayers on the what the heck do we do now? question. Cornell got a super random, and I mean RANDOM, offer from a college in Kentucky...the coach came here to watch him play...we went to visit...major praying....thinking...and about 3 weeks ago he was doing this...

Signing the papers for a full athletic scholarship to Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, KY. He decided to major in Christian Ministries, which is so so so perfect for him, and will be done in 2 years. Cornell and I did lots of seeking the Lord on this decision since obviously it affects a few, um I mean NUMEROUS, aspects of our life. For two...our brand new house...for job that I love...for four...our awesome friends here...for five...the best church ever...for wanting a baby(like right now)...for seven...paying bills with only one income...for eight, okay I will stop. But you can imagine my mind trying to figure it all out. I am such a "planner" and have a hard time "just going with the flow" and fully trusting the Lord. And you can imagine how much worse it got with him signing the papers July 27th, me leaving for MN July 29th, I am gone til Aug 11th, come back and move him to KY on Aug 15th! Crazy? Yes. Not much time to PLAN.

So now that leaves us to our current situation. I am going to stay here until we can figure out how to pay our mortage here and rent there all on one income. So for now, Cornell is living in a dorm room with 4 other basketball players and realizing how it stinks to have a roommate that snores. LOL :)

The friday night before we left for Kentucky, our friends had a little going-away get together for Cornell. So nice to fellowship and pray with people we are some of the guys...

The beautiful women... (can anyone even tell that Kari (right front) is like 8 months pregnant?!)

Guys again...

Goofy boy picture...

Goofy girl picture...

And then the next morning was off to Kentucky. Jake and Jenna were angels and came with us. I can't thank them enough. Here's a picture of setting up Cornell's dorm room.

And then last day good-byes... :(

Lots of texting and talking on the phone are helping us through this transition. I've never been so excited to check my phone through-out the day to see his messages! And i've already sent a care-package! LOL...I miss him so much.

Keep us in your prayers! :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just a few thoughts...

It's time to whip out the good old bullets....

  • first of all, did anyone else watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 last night? I am just so sad for them! I feel like I know their family and can't believe they would really split up!? It kind of seems as though Jon just doesn't care about anything anymore(except those cool new EARRINGS? What the heck?) and Kate is truely sad about it all. I know marriage is hard work, and not to mention having 8 children together...can't they just try a little harder?
  • it is hot, and I mean HOT down here. Mid 90's all week and it's only June! You can fry eggs on the pavement in July and August. Anyway, the pool in our little new community is finally open...I took this picture 2 weeks ago BEFORE it had opened...
  • --------> the blue and yellow domes now have water flowing from them like a litte water fall area and there are lounging chairs all around the pool. Oh yeah, and get this...we have lifeguards!! LOL. It is a waste of money if ya ask me! There is maybe like 5 people at the pool during the week and 2 of them are the lifeguards. I can understand the weekends tho, with all the kids there. :)
  • My nephew Noah is getting cuter and cuter every week. He is now laughing, grabbing his toys, and trying to roll over! Every week, I look forward to Kellys picture messages and new blog posts with little cute videos of Noah. Check them out here.
  • Speaking of babies, remember my friend Landi from the Tripp's Triplets post? She ended up having an emergency C-section on friday. Which means she delivered at 28 weeks and 4 days...the 3 little boys and mom are doing well so far! Please keep them all in your prayers as they spend time in the NICU now.
  • Megan is in MN right now and I'm pretty jealous.
  • There are some big decisions to be made over the next month or so in Cornell and I's life. The Lord never seems to follow along with the things I have planned for our lives. LOL. Please pray for us. Pray that we seek the Lords direction and not our own. God is good.
  • Congrats to my brother Joshua for FINALLY getting called back to work.
  • And since it's Fathers Day this week and my dads birthday coming up, a picture of him fertilizing our lawn when he was here in April(after i had already done it *wink wink*)...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Target Girls

So every other Wednesday night, a group of us women from church gather at my house to do our "Living on Target" bible study. We have been going strong for the past few months and I have grown to LOVE these beautiful women SO much. We have laughed together, cried together, encouraged one another, but most importantly prayed for each other. Last night, we had a farewell dinner for Jenny and Megan. Both girls are leaving this month to be missionaries (as teachers) overseas for the next few years.

Here is our little group at dinner...

Everyone(except for 2 of us that didn't get the message, thanks Kim *hehe*) gave each girl a journal and wrote a sweet note in it. Here is Megan with hers...

Katie and Ria...

I love this picture of Kim, Cindy, and Joshua(Cindy's little boy). He was the only "man" allowed on our wednesday nights and knows all of our secrets! :)

Kim and Jenny...

Megan and I...(oh yeah, and don't mind my outfit of nursing scrubs. I came straight from work!)

After dinner we headed over to Starbucks to finish chatting...

Megan and Jenny...

Thanks again for the wonderful times over the past few months gals! We will all be praying for this next journey the Lord is leading you on!
"Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor:
If they fall down, they can help each other up."
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tripp's Triplets

This past weekend was my friend Landi's baby shower! She is also a nurse at Presbyterian.
The soon-to-be mom is so cute...and don't let me forget to say that she is pregnant with

It was probably one of the biggest baby showers I have been to...

And that meant LOTS of presents to open!

Here's she is again...

And as you can imagine, preparing LIFE for three BOYS is a big job! But I think Landi and her hubby have it under control.
Check out the adorable nursery....

Landi did all the decorating herself! I didn't believe her at first, it is just so darn cute!
So the first room holds all the cribs and then the adjoining room has the comfy chairs and diaper changing station...

And yes, that is a Toronto Maple Leaf in the middle of the wall!
Mom and Dad are Canadians! (Aye!)
Here is Me, Landi, and Ashli! I love these girls!

Congrats again to the Tripps! So excited for you both!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Project #1

Some of you may know that over the past few weeks, Cornell has been working SO hard at putting in our hardwood floors in the kitchen. Well, he is finally finished and I am so excited to show you the final product! Alot, and I mean ALOT, of time and energy went into these floors.

The before picture shows the vinyl floors that tried to look like tile(many people didn't realize it was fake until we told them)....

(Don't mind Charlotte, it's the only pic I could find of our floors)

And then after going to MN for a couple days at the beginning of May, I came home to a house where the living room looked like this...

As you can imagine, I had numerous flashbacks of my childhood-growing up in a constant construction zone. I think I had a few nightmares that week.

But Cornell worked hard everyday on those floors...

And here they are now...
(Don't mind the air compressor, it was borrowed and going back to the owner soon!) :)
I love them!! It just makes the whole room so much better...and we still have a whole bunch leftover so Cornell is going to do another area, we just haven't decided what yet.
I also took a few pictures of our living room(I promise Meg, one of these days I will take pics of the whole house for you to see!)
We are still not sure how to decorate this room. It was supposed to be a dining room/living room but we chose to do just one big living room. So there is this random chandelier and the chair railing that only goes halfway around the room? I need HGTV to come and redo our room! hehe :) And we would like furniture that doesn't match the carpet...if only money grew on trees!
Let me know if you have any decorating tips for us! And ps-notice how in almost every picture, you can see a piece of Charlotte? She is by my side at all times! So needy! LOL

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Who cares? We're on Vacation!"

Happy Tuesday back to work everyone...hope you all had a wonderful 3 day Memorial weekend! I have been feeling kind of guilty lately about my blog, like I was neglecting it or something?! I haven't really been "too busy" to update it, just a bad blogger. I still need to post pics from my parents trip...forgive me!
So this past weekend Cornell and I went on VACATION! Yesssssss. If you know me at all, I absolutely love love love to travel. And any type of vacation has been on the back burner, since, hmmmm...I guess since I got married! There just never seems to be enough money for anything when you get marriend, and I can only imagine what happens when you have kids!! My travels include Austrailia, Mexico, Hawaii, etc and poor Cornell has never been anywhere except where he lives! Never even seen the ocean! I was talking to my girlfriend, Erin, at work and she told me that a great spot to vacation down here in the South is Charleston, SC. So that day we researched hotels and decided that this past wknd was a great time for us to head down there. I discussed it with Cornell and he agreed, so it was set.

Thursday, I worked and Cornell ran around Charlotte to do all the errands. One item that we knew we would purchase this summer,before our road trip home to MN, was a GPS(my parents got us hooked on their trip here.) So we decided that this weekend a GPS would come in handy(probably because one of our main sources of disagreements for our marriage is finding out directions and getting lost in the car.) So to avoid any arguments, Cornell ran and bought a GPS and to Charleston we headed!
We arrived on friday afternoon, and checked into our hotel(fyi, we brought Charlotte with us and stayed in a pet friendly hotel) and layed by the pool for a bit before heading downtown.

Here I am, just a little excited to be on vacation....

If you don't know anything about Charleston, it reminds me of "Gone with the Wind." It is exactly what you picture the "old south" to look like. The HUGE homes with the HUGE beautiful porches. The main street, King Street, has all the major stores for numerous blocks. I stopped in Louis Vuitton but didn't find much that I like. *wink wink* So friday evening, we just browsed around, stopped for ice cream, ate dinner, and headed back to the hotel.
Even on vacation, I couldn't escape the Cavaliers basketball game...
(we don't normally let Charlotte on the bed, but what the heck, she's on vacation too!)
Saturday morning, we decided to do the horse carriage ride around Charleston and learned alot about the history of the city.
The spikes on the fence of this home were so the slaves didn't try and escape back then.
This mansion, the Calhoun mansion, is open to the public for tours(even though a family really lives there.) We took the tour and saw only about 8 of the 35 rooms that it has.
Across the street to the Calhoun mansion was this home. Apparently it was the "wedding present" to the former Calhoun mansion owners daughter! And I thought our flat screen was a great gift from my parents! LOL (just kidding mom and dad)
Stopping for a little photograpy session...
Everything in the city is just beautiful. I mean, who has a driveway like this?
Also, all over the city you see these...

Guys that pull you around with a bike in a little buggy. We didn't do this, I don't think Cornell would have fit. :)

Here is a picture of us at the Harbor.

Picture for my grandma, she loves Rhett Butler.

Walking around all day makes me work up an appetite. We stopped for lunch at a little cute cafe with great food. Here is our appetizer of Fried Green tomatoes.

One of the most well known attractions in Charleston is Rainbow Row. It is a row of homes painted in pastel colors.

My favorite was the pink home of course.

More random pictures...

On Sunday we headed to the beach. Charleston is on the Atlantic Ocean, not the prettiest but at least Cornell could say he has been "to the ocean" now! Here are his and Charlotte's first encounter...

And they decided that was enough...
I laughed pretty hard. Charlotte wasn't a fan of the big, loud waves. And Cornell DID NOT like that he couldn't see his feet through the water. He swore a shark would bite him if he went any farther than his ankles.

It was a wonderful weekend. My photos' don't give the city enough credit on how gorgeous it is. We decided that when we win the lottery, we're going to buy one of the homes in Charleston. I laugh thinking about Cornell this wknd, everything I asked or said, his response would be "who cares, we're on vacation!" He had a blast "on vacation."