Monday, August 23, 2010

*Smiley Makayla*

Hey, hey you!

What are you doing?

I just can't hold it in any longer....

I think I'm about to show you my gums...

...aka, SMILE!!!

Can being a mommy seriously get any better than this? There is nothing like a big old gummy smile from your baby! Just makes your heart melt!

Makayla is just so fun to be around, she's a pretty happy baby all around. I find myself thinking, "Can I just stop time at this stage, I don't want to miss something." She laughs, giggles, talks jibberish, makes noise just to make noise, recognizes our voices, rolls over and holds her head up so strong, and loves to try and grab our food/drink as we eat thinking that she wants some. Also, she wants to grab or touch everything in her reach whether it be a toy, a face, a hand, or whatever! Yesterday I was holding her and standing in her closet trying to pick out her outfit...well she look her long little arm and was grabbing the door and pulling it in so it was bumping me in the back! I mean, how fun can a door be? LOL, she's just so curious! Cornell and I like to think we have her cries figured out too...the hungry cry, the sleepy cry, the I just want to be held cry, the wet diaper cry, etc.
Next week she'll be 5 months. I'm getting really excited to start feeding her some baby food because I think she'll really enjoy it! The girl loves to eat! Breastfeeding is continuing to go well. I remember when I first started breastfeeding, and different moms would tell me what a great bonding experience it is and how much they enjoyed spending that time with their baby. Well, I'll be honest...I didn't find it very fun for the first couple months! I felt like I would spend about 90% of my day breastfeeding and it's just exhausting. Especially since Makayla was one of those, "my mom makes a great pacifier" babies. She would just take her sweet old time, maybe take a little nap if she felt like it...haha. Much better the past month or so....she gets right to the point and finishes in no time! And it really is a great bonding experience for us both, I love spendng that time with her. :)

Cornell started school last week...where did the summer go? I'm so excited for him though, this is his last semester and will graduate December 11. Yay!! But now that means he is busy busy busy with basketball too. I started a new job...i'm working as a nurse at There is a fulfillment center about 15 minutes from us and its an evening/night shift. I love it so far, much better than my last job in the OR. And I was just freaking out about putting Makayla in daycare for such a long part of the day, 5 days a week. So this way, i am home during the day with her, and then when i'm leaving, Cornell is coming home to be with her all evening. We will need a little help when Cornell has bb practice but I like 2 hours of someone watching Makayla versus 9-10 hours. God just continues to be so faithful to us...

We have a computer now again so I will be updating more :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just my two favorite people...

Enjoying family time today! Happy saturday!