Wednesday, February 25, 2009

R.I.P Hans

The Wick household has sad news this dad's partner for about 10 years, Hans, has passed away. He was 13 years old. Hans put MANY "bad" guys behind bars for the City of Duluth and even won awards as a top dog among MN police dogs. As with most german shepards, his hips got bad and he developed other medical problems that made it hard for him to even walk any longer. :( Sad but I know he is happy in doggy heaven, eating all the chocolate chip cookies that he wants!

In other news, Cornell and I have been busy with townhouse stuff. Today we had our "walk through" were we went thru the home with the builder and found the nicks, scratches, etc to be fixed before we move in. We are still scheduled to close on Monday and we CAN'T WAIT! Cornell has been researching how to put in hardwood floors for the past few weeks, I think that will be our first big project. It is fun to watch my husband learning how to be a handy-man. :)

Last friday we went to the brand new Ikea here in is HUUUUGe. I love it. It has a day care and a restaurant also, crazy! It is so fun to walk around and just get different ideas for home decorating.

I am off til Tuesday now! What will I do with myself you ask? Pack, Pack, and more packing. Not fun, but at least it is worth it in the end! :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Baking blog

I finally did it....
made my baking blog!
Well, it's still a work in progress but I'm excited. Go check it out here!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

CuPiD's DAy

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope you all are enjoying a

special day with your

loved ones!


We love you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And the winner is....

I know all my blogging girls have been anxiously awaiting the winner of the giveaway....

So I numbered your comments, wrote them on paper, cut up the numbered squares and threw them all in a bowl....

Cornell did the honors in picking out the winner.....

Number 1 comment belonged to Kelly!!

Congrats Kel! You will have a fun "pink & red" package in the mail to you tomorrow! :)

Thanks to all that entered, I had tons of fun reading your reasons for loving valentines day! (Cornell even said, "wow i feel kinda bad that they don't all get a prize...we should at least send them a thank you card for entering the contest!) haha...I will definitely do another giveaway again soon!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Coupon clipper, plus a little giveaway! :)

I love Valentines Day!

It just might be my favorite holiday....I love how everything is pink and red, all the pretty flowers, all the candy, and how there is just love in the air! Okay that last reason might be a bit cheezy, but it is true!

I also love to get fun stuff in the mail so I decided this is the perfect time to do a little giveaway! I know I don't have a big following of readers but I don't care(I appreciate you mom, Meg, and Kel)! Go tell your friends!
To enter, just leave a comment at the end of this post(by 10 am tomorrow-have to have time to mail it!) telling me what your favorite part about Valentines Day is! The winner will then recieve a package from me that includes some sweets(ex...cupcake pops) and other cute pink and red items. Trust me, it will be exciting!!!

Okay, now on to more exciting clipping coupons!

Seriously though...did anyone see the episode of Oprah last week about different ways to save money? Cornell and I watched it together and got some really good tips that we are going to try. One of them is unplugging items when not in use. This includes your television, lamps, toaster, etc. We don't think about it but these items are wasting your electricity by just sitting there, plugged in. After the show we went around the house to check...we had 3 phone chargers, hair dryer, microwave, 3 lamps, blender, and others all plugged in with none in use! I have to admit though, last night when I came home I went to turn on a lamp....nothing...had to plug it in. Then sat on the couch ready to watch the Grammy's....nothing...had to get back up to plug it in! It will take some getting used to, but hopefully we see a difference in our Duke Energy bill...will keep you updated!

The other money saver is grocery shopping. Oprah had a family of 4 eating big yummy looking dinners at only $4 a meal! What?? We only have 2 people in our household and I can't seem to do that!
Cornell started taking notes at this point.

Some of the ideas were to plan your meals according to what is on sale for that week, plus buy a sunday paper and clip your coupons(also print coupons from online). Coupon mom got a cart of grocerys that were around $110, after the coupons...$37! I was amazed! So we attempted this challenge last night. Got our sunday paper, and ads for the week from local grocery stores, and planned our meals,.

Now remember this is our first time....
Here's how we did...
1. Sloppy joes and fries
2. Chicken breasts, veggie, potatoe
3. Baked Ziti with italian sausage
4. Pork chops, veggie, flavored rice
5. Homemade pizza
6. Chicken stir fry(already have the chicken breasts)
Breakfast and lunch include oatmeal, ham & cheese omelets, turkey sandwich and soup, bananas, and a few other misc items.

Our grand total was $60 with a savings of $ 7.10 from our coupons.
So we will see how long these meals last this week, I have a pretty big and hungry husband. We are going to total our savings each month and keep track.

Just call us the coupon family.

Last but not least is my first item for our new home...I have wanted this picture for about 3 months. I first saw it at Target, but it was a much smaller size. Cornell spotted it yesterday at our favorite store, Marshalls, for a great deal. Half the price and 3 times the size...I think we are gonna put it in the guest bathroom!

Different but so very cool!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It is a gorgeous weekend down here in North Carolina...75 degrees today! I didn't know what do...I had a sweater and jeans on for church and came home wanting to wear a tank-top and flip february? I know it's crazy! I am still programmed to MN weather, summer clothes don't come out til June. We had a great time just taking Charlotte out in the back of our apartment complex...

Cute picture of my husband and Charlotte...
I had to make sure to sit on a rock, the fire ants hide in the grass and I had a horrible experience with "ants in my pants" last year after sitting on that nice green grass. And don't mind my fluorescent white skin! :)
Friday we went to "our" townhouse to show the Tassys and then met them again at their sons' Steven's basketball game. Jake's dad treated us all to dinner afterwards, always a good time!

(Meg-Cornell is wearing the shirt you gave him for christmas under that cute on him!)
I also did some yummy baking this weekend...I am working on my baking blog now(should be finished soon) and will post the pictures there when it is done!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


well, townhome owners anyways...

It has been a stressful but very exciting few weeks as the Lord guided us to buy a home! I never in a million years thought this would be the next step in our lives but then again, i am always pleasantly surprised.
We signed lots of papers today but now have to wait as the paperwork gets processed and hopefully all goes well for a March 2nd closing date. I keep holding myself back from getting too excited until the keys are in our hands! Pray for us! :)