Sunday, February 8, 2009

It is a gorgeous weekend down here in North Carolina...75 degrees today! I didn't know what do...I had a sweater and jeans on for church and came home wanting to wear a tank-top and flip february? I know it's crazy! I am still programmed to MN weather, summer clothes don't come out til June. We had a great time just taking Charlotte out in the back of our apartment complex...

Cute picture of my husband and Charlotte...
I had to make sure to sit on a rock, the fire ants hide in the grass and I had a horrible experience with "ants in my pants" last year after sitting on that nice green grass. And don't mind my fluorescent white skin! :)
Friday we went to "our" townhouse to show the Tassys and then met them again at their sons' Steven's basketball game. Jake's dad treated us all to dinner afterwards, always a good time!

(Meg-Cornell is wearing the shirt you gave him for christmas under that cute on him!)
I also did some yummy baking this weekend...I am working on my baking blog now(should be finished soon) and will post the pictures there when it is done!


megan said...

1. charlotte is so cute.
2. i didn't know cornell was a gymnast.
3. i want to see more of your new house!
4. well i'm sure the shirt looked good under the sweater :)

Mom said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Yeah, I enjoyed the cartwheels, too Cornell -- ha, ha. (or were they round offs?)