Monday, April 18, 2011

*trip to minnesota*

So, a couple weeks ago, Makayla and I headed up to Minnesota to celebrate her cousin/my nephew(Noah) turning 2 and her turning 1.  Sadly, Cornell didn't get to join us :(  The price of a plane tickets is just too expensive these days! 
Flying with a 1 year old...I knew it wasn't going to be a relaxing flight, but she did pretty darn good on the way there(the way home is another story).  Beside the guy in the seat across the aisle from us huffing and puffing whenever she cried a little, we made it to Minneapolis in one piece.  But- ended up landing late and missing our connecting flight to Duluth.  Mom didn't want us to have to wait 6 hours in the airport so she hopped in her car to just come pick us up :)
While waiting, we found a wonderful area for kids to play in...Makayla had a great time...

That little red package she is holding in all the pictures is a pack of airline cookies. She likes to carry stuff around, not any of her toys, but things that are much more interesting. 
Packs of cookies. get the picture.
So we made it up to Duluth that night safe and sound.  It always feels so good to just be home and around my family.  Oh how I miss them.

Makayla sure had fun with this little guy...
Noah seriously could not get any cuter!  He is going to be the best big brother.  My heart just melts when he goes up real close to her and says, "HI Kayla...hi!"  So sweet.
I think they took a bath everyday together...hehe.

We headed up to the Aquarium one for the kids.  Here's Makayla with Auntie Kelly...

 Me and my 2 favorite little ones(Makayla wouldn't give up the keys)!
 Grandma and Makayla...
 Practicing walking with a little help :)
One way to Makayla's heart is with food.  The girl loves to eat!!  So grandpa and grandma were all over that!  Here she is feeling like a big girl at the counter.

 Doing "soooo big!"

Then it was time for BiRThDay PaRTy day! Wonderful to have our family and friends there! 

My mom got Makayla her birthday girl was so adorable!  Ruffle butt cupcake bloomers...seriously!!

The paparazzi was even there taking pics...

jk Jord :)

Time for cake. 
 Makayla wasn't really sure about it at first but she ended up digging in...

More family, and my girlfriends came the next day too.  Here's our awesome soon-to-be cousin in law, Cassie...

 My wonderful girlfriends...
 Auntie Cathy made the long trip from Wisconsin to spend the night with us :)
 Auntie Lu and Cassie...
And then a little time outside with Grandpa.

Sad to leave, but we will be back soon(August) plus we were missing Daddy!  The flight home was HORRIBLE, or maybe I should say horrendous.  Makayla had a tantrum while we were taxing on the runway before take-off.  Which means I couldn't move or do anything.  She was screaming, thrashing her body all around, sweating, etc.  It was great.  She has NEVER done anything like that before?  The flight attendant even got out of her seat and came over to say, "is there anything I can do to help?", no.  She just didn't want to sit still. 
Then after I got her calmed down...just to add a little more excitement, she peed all over my lap.  Diaper must have gotten out of place with all the thrashing around during her episode.  Good thing I had black pants on because I just ignored it and pretended like it never happened.  
Calm baby or sitting in pee pants?  I went with not disturbing the calm baby. 

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G-ma Wick said...

What a blast it was to have you girls home!!..... next time Cornell MUST come too!
So glad we got to share in her first birthday with our family and friends... :) Can't wait til August.....