Sunday, September 5, 2010

This is Makayla yesterday after her first college football game!
Lindsey Wilson College has a football team this year. We wanted to be supportive so we went with our neighbors, and it was such a fun afternoon! Only problem was I got so so so sunburnt! I'm talking the lobster look, seriously, it's painful and embarrassing...this Minnesota girl didn't even think twice to put sunscreen on in September!? And I hate not being able to put it on Makayla(doctor says no sunscreen until she is 6 months old). Good thing she doesn't have my skin!
Cornell is off of school on Monday, so we decided to take a little trip to BG, aka the nearest "real" city for us, aka Bowling Green. It has a Target, a mall, and a TJ Maxx! Doesn't get much better! Although the real reason for going was to pick up my dress for Sarah Herricks' wedding! Yay!
But let me tell you, I have never felt so much like a mom as I did today....
  • First, I am in TJ Maxx trying to browse around but keep Makayla entertained at the same time. To do this,of course, I have to make silly noises and faces so she laughs. It's amazing how you really don't care what you do in public anymore, just as long as your baby isn't crying and is happy.
  • Next was lunch at Panera bread. I am still not all the way comfortable breastfeeding in public, but who knows if I ever will be. Makayla loves to eat so once she is in the cradle position with me, she gets really excited and starts kicking her legs and waving her arms cause she knows what is about to happen. So try having a "hooter hider"(thanks Kari Shak) on, a wild baby flapping their arms and legs underneath it, lifting up your shirt, un-clasping your nursing bra, and all while trying to NOT show the world your enire boob. I don't think anyone saw anything. So after she's done eating, I'm burping her and she burps, but up came ALL the milk she just ate too...ALL OVER ME! All over my arm, shirt, and skirt. Plus all over her outfit too. Normally I would just wipe her up and keep it moving but she was like saturated in spit up. Of course no extra outfit in my diaper bag today, just a zip up hoodie. So I took off her little dress, and she left Panera wearing her little white tights and a hoodie.
  • Then we head to the mall, and Makayla and I go to Gymboree. (FYI... We had given her an UNopened bag of chips from lunch to play with since they make so much noise and are great entertainment for a baby..anything that isn't a toy is). Makayla decides that Gymboree is a great place to just let loose and pass some gas. Not just a little gas...sounded like there were firecrackers in her car seat. Loud enough for the moms standing around us, to all stop, and look over at me and stare. I didn't know what to do, so I smile and say "oh my MAA-kayla, excuse you!" One mom must have felt bad for me because she said, "don't worry, I understand, I have a baby too."
Time to go home.
We leave and I see my reflection in the hair is pulled back in a claw clip but hair has fallen out all over and is hanging in my face, I have big white patches of dry baby spit up on my chest and down my black skirt, I smell like vomit, no purse because our stroller and diaper bag now carry my belongings too, I'm the color of a tomato except for my snow white colored legs, and my baby has no pants on, holding a bag of chips? Is this what I have become?
haha. Wow.
Of course, Cornell is at our side looking handsome as ever!
But I wouldn't change any of it for the world.


Sarah said...

Oh Jamers, I absolutely loved reading this entry! You should write a book about the adventures of being a new mom - you paint such a good picture of your happenings!!

Mom said...

HA HA -- I seriously was laughing outloud :) Welcome to the wonderful world of being mom.... Cute post, hon -

Kelly said...

I was laughing so hard when I read this!!!! I can relate to this SO MUCH! I go places sometimes- get home and think "how did I go out like this?!?!" It's all worth it when you see that princess though!! :) Love you guys

Auntie Cathy said...

I just read your post and have "tears" of laughter running down my cheeks..!! You are soooo funny. I agree with the person that said you should write a book! Love you and see you soon!
Auntie Cathy

Tevie & Allysa said...

I was seriously laughing out loud! You are so precious. Reading this made me wonder why we haven't spent more time together. Makayla is beautiful!