Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October ALreAdY??

Makayla is 6 months old today.  
Which makes her closer to turning 1. 
That means I've been a mom for half a year already...

So does this mean I have to put away my maternity pants?   
*sniffle sniffle*
When does it really get too long to be wearing your maternity clothes? I only wear the pants just because I can't fit into my old jeans still.  I mean, I can at least pull them on now over my thighs and butt... and button the waist! yesssss!  But I still have quite a few pounds to lose before they will look like jeans and not jean-spandex.  Why is losing weight not fun and not fast?

So anyway, back to Makayla...6 months old! Yay! We are now giving her rice/oatmeal cereal and she is loving it.  Next week she can start baby food, I can't wait, she will LOVE it! She is a wonderful eater.  Although all the good eating, has given me a little constipated baby.  But that's a whole other post.

Here's a few new things I'm noticing from her: lots of adorable smiles when she notices people she knows(especially mommy and daddy), caution around new places/faces, LOTS of fun playing for longer periods of time in her Baby Einstein toys, wants to grab ev-er-y-thing that is near, does this stomach pump thing like she is trying to dance, can hold herself up by herself in her toys too(no more blanket wrapped around her waist), likes to screech and very loudly when excited or wants someone to pay attention, continues to LOVE her changing table, drinking 8 oz at a time, good sleeper, trys to jump/bounce with her legs, very good at rolling over and then back.

Makayla and I just got back home from a trip to Minnesota.  It was wonderful of course and got to spend time with friends and family.  I will blog about that trip next time.  Here are a few pictures that Kim, my wedding photographer and good friend of my cousin Meg, was so nice to take while we were home.  I think these are the only 2 smiley shots from the whole session...

Don't let that cute face fool ya, she was not in a good mood that night! But I love these! Kim is so so so talented and always has gorgeous pictures!

Okay, more on the trip and wedding next time!


Grandma W said...

We enjoyed having you girls home immensely! What a sweet personality and a sweet smile this little girl has :) can't wait until December when we come and visit! love to Cornell too

(maternity jeans? Who knew? you look great hon)

Tevie & Allysa said...
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Tevie & Allysa said...

Seriously?! It shouldn't be legal for your daughter to be THAT beautiful!!! She gets it from her mom though, I think. :)
You look great and the confidence and love of Jesus you exude only make you more beautiful!