Friday, July 29, 2011

13 months old

(fyi...i wrote this post 2 months ago but forgot to publish, so just a little late!)

Before I became a mother, I never understood the whole saying your childs age in the number of months thing.  I understand before they are one years old, you have to say 6 months, or 8 months, etc.  But after that?  If your child is 18 months, say "she's a year and a half."  That makes it just easier right?  None of this, "oh, my child just turned 37 months."  
BUT, now that Makayla has past the one year mark, I can see myself totally doing it!  Lots can change in a months time.  They grow so fast, it's just the way our mom brain keeps track.  Although if I start going past lets say, 24 months, someone please say something to me! lol.

Lets see, what's going on in Makayla's world? 

She's still not walking.  And no real interest in it.  She'll hold onto our hands and take some steps, or even push around her toys, but I still don't see your being independent anytime soon.  Everyone continues to ask "is she walking yet?"  Sometimes I get tired of saying "no," because for some reason, then I feel like something is wrong with her if she's not yet.  I think maybe I'll just start saying "yep."

Here she is yesterday in her little wagon from Grandma Wick.  The first second thing my mom said when she saw this was, "doesn't she have the seatbelt on?"  LOL.  So just in case anyone else has that thought in their children were injured in the photographing of this picture.

haha :)
Once a mother, ALWAYS a mother.

 (just teasing ya mom)

Makayla says a few more words now too, but it's kind of sporatic.  Some days she will mimic lots of things I say, and other days hardly any at all.  She will say fish now (comes out "ish"), "hot", and some form of "juice."  She also started doing the sign for "eat."  It's funny how I would do that sign over and over, but she seemed to pay no attention to me.  I stopped doing it for a week or so and then all of a sudden the other day, she did it for every meal.  I was so excited.  There is nothing like seeing how incredibly smart your child is! :)

She also goes "ooooooooooh" and makes this face...

(I was letting her feed herself yogurt for lunch)

Also, the past couple weeks she has been so clingy.  ( I don't mean that in a bad way at all).  If she's playing, she would rather play while sitting on my lap.  If I am doing anything in the house, she wants to be right by myside.  I can forget going into another room quick without her because she becomes absolutely hysterical if she can't see me.  So, we bake together, clean together, fold laundry together, sweep together, all of it together.  My little sidekick. 

BUT, I am not complaining because I know there will be a day when I wish she wasn't so independent.

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