Saturday, July 30, 2011

SUmMeR 2011

 I've been MIA once again from my blog( feels like I say that alot, sorry).
Here is a little update on our life through random pictures on my IPhone.

This actually goes back to May...I got to go to Seattle for my job and went down to the market that is always on the movies.  Here is where you normally see them throwing the huge fish around and people catching them.  I waited for awhile but no one bought any when I was there, the guys working did sing a song or two.  Kinda a smelly place ;)

There were barrels and barrels of fresh, gorgegous, HUGE, tulips.  My favorite flower of course.  I think a dozen was like $5.00 or something crazy.  If I lived there, I would have them in my house constantly!

My little Makayla.  It's been so hot down here, one day I filled her little plastic kiddie pool so she could sit and play in it.  Wasn't too interested...kept venturing over to play with the rocks.

Another hot day, we stopped at Sonic to get a slushie before heading to our friend's pool.  My best friend, Anne, got her that little bikini for her birthday :) So cute.  Hard to hide the swim diapers underneath though!

I have created a monster.  She LOOOOVES to hold her own popsicle, ice cream cone, push-up, etc.  But doesn't quite understand that they melt and she can't just carry them around forever.  So this is the end result...very upset little girl at the mean mommy for taking her melted ice cream cone.

I got to see my long lost friend, Ashley, when she came to Nashville in June.  Glad she got to meet Makayla finally too :)
I bought organic sunscreen for Makayla.  It turns her white for a little while until it soaks in( you can see it on her arm).  It's an interesting task putting on a one year old...they don't sit still long, at all!

Then the exciting birth of my new nephew, Isaiah Alan Wick.  He's so cute and has a pretty awesome big brother :)

Love this picture of her! I finally can fit her hair in pigtails and she lets me do it too :)

Spaghetti for dinner with daddy.  This little girl LOVES to eat!

Noah hanging out with Grandma Wick.  I believe they were watching someone mow the lawn. LOL.  And I don't think that was Grandma's idea ;)  Noah is such little boy!

Makayla looking for the "DOG-eeeee"

I was nice enough to make Cornell's eye exam along with mine, so they had us in the room together.  This is how he repays me...taking mean pictures and video while I found out how blind I really am. :)

Just figuring out the water bill.  Very interesting apparently :)

More later...

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