Friday, October 7, 2011

17 months

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, I am totally loving this stage that Makayla is in.  She's so fun to hang around(unless it's around nap time!) and makes me laugh all the time.  She's my little sidekick.
Some updates to her world...
  • Obviously is walking. I'm a horrible mom and didn't document the exact date she started but it was between 14 and 15 months.  She still gets a little out of control if she tries the fast toddler walk/run but only has had a few wipe outs.
  • Is a total girly girl! Likes necklaces and bracelets.  Does not like to get dirty.  She comes up to me if she has even a piece of lint or a crumb on her hand and says "duuurty, duuurty" with a sad face and waits for me to wipe her hand off.  She also does not like bugs...the other day she was sitting in her high chair and a fly was buzzing around her.  She was fine just pointing at it but then it randomly landed on her nose...I flicked it off quickly and said, "oops Makayla, you had a fly on your nose."  She says, "BUG? Nooooose." and starts BAWLING!!  It was very tramatic as you can imagine :)  Today we were outside and saw a very small spider, she ran and latched onto my legs and in her saddest voice said, "bug, bug!"
  • So smart.  I know every parent says this about their child but it is just amazing to see them process things on their own and think for themselves.  I am constantly amazed at the tasks she watches me do and then trys to imitate me.  She loves to carry around her shirts or pants and try to fold them after watching me fold our laundry.  I can ask her to go throw something away for me and she will toddle over to the garbage can and throw it in there.  And when I say, "momma has to go potty" she heads to the bathroom with me, pulls tiolet paper off the roll, proceeds to wipe the side of my leg with it, and then flushes the tiolet, all while saying "Butt, Butt."  All I can say is, "Well, thank you so much Makayla!"
  • Along with imitating our actions, she is great at mimicing our words.  She will say just about anything you ask her too.  Today I had to chuckle at her..I saw a friend at Walmart and I must have said "I'll see ya later" because Makayla then begins yelling down the aisle "SEE YA!"  She also makes me smile everytime she says "AAAA-mean" for "amen" after we pray, even yells it outloud at church :)
  • Great at saying thank you, although it comes out like "tank two."
  • Shy some days around strangers, other days she finds it necessary to say "HI" to every.single.person we see.
  • Continues to be a great sleeper.  Goes to bed around 8:30 and wakes up between 8:30 and 9.  Then takes a 2-3 hour nap around noon.

I love watching her laugh.  I love watching her turn in circles when she's trying to dance.  I love when she lays her head on my shoulder and just wants to be held.  I love hearing her say "mommy" and "luv you."

I've been a little emotional the past week, not sure if it's pregnancy hormones or just mommy hormones, about her.   I cry because I just love her so much, I cry because I just don't want to miss anything she does, I cry because I feel so lucky that God gave me the chance to be HER mommy-this beautiful, perfect little girl.  Sometimes at the end of my day, when I'm laying in bed, I get mad at myself for trying to get her to entertain herself while I do laundry and the dishes quick.  Why didn't I just put the housework aside and spend that time with her?  How do you balance enjoying your child, being a wife, working full time, spending time with the Lord, running a household, and also fit in taking care of myself? 
Good question right?! :)
The life of a's a hard job, but the best job.

*sorry for no pictures! I have some cute ones on my computer but no internet yet since we have moved! :)  Soon hopefully!

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Gramma W said...

We still smile when we remember Makayla bowing her head and then finishing with an AMEN after meals! SO precious... Can't wait to spend time with her this week..
I think every mom struggles with juggling on the things you have to juggle as "mom".... You're doing awesome, Jam, and you beautiful, polite, loving, gentle daughter is living proof... !