Friday, October 28, 2011

More of Makayla(18 months)

Get excited.
I got real creative and did another post with bullets and facts about my beautiful daughter.  But hey, at least this time there are pictures included!  My time is limited and the weeks(aka life) continues to fly by, so I just have to do what I can with this blog!
  • I wrote last time that she is great at saying "tank two" for thank you...yeah, that went out the door randomly.  She used to say it after says it only after I ask her to and if she feels like it.
  • Tantrums.  Where in the world did these come from??  She doesn't go to daycare and therefore hasn't witnessed it from other children.  We don't have cable and she only watches a kids show once a day(Dora the explorer, Sesame Street, Care Bears, etc), which means I can't blame it on tv.  So?  I have no idea.  But she does the whole whine/cry, throw herself on the floor, and flap her arms and legs thing.  Does this mean it's time for more discipline?  Where's my parents manual when I need it!
Good thing she is cute :)

(Daddy and Kayla on the boat at the cabin this summer)

  • More LOTS of teeth coming in.  She had 4 teeth on the top and 4 on the bottom for the longest time.  Now she is practically getting all her molars and other teeth at the same time.  Handling it well so far though.  I just never realized how LONG the "tooth coming in" process really is.
  •  Has had a runny nose this week...not sure if it's a sickness coming on or just from her teeth but her nose drips like a faucet.  She actually started to "blow" when I put the tissue up to her nose yesterday.  Today when I was getting ready for work in the bathroom, she was in there playing too...and I looked down at her at one point, she had pulled toilet paper off the roll and was putting it on her nose and just blowing away.  So cute and funny.  Snot was everywhere but like any mom, I was so impressed how smart she is!!  Only a mom would overlook boogers everywhere to get excited at their child.

This is from last month sometime-when it was still nice enough to wear a romper and sunhat!
  • Goes down the slide at the park all by herself now!  She used to only go down if mom or dad was helping(holding) her.  But Cornell sent me a little video last night of them at the park and she went down, and then did her cute little "i'm excited" dance at the bottom.
  • Is still a major mommas girl.  Always wants me to hold/carry/hug her.  I'm just soaking it in.  I'm sure when January hits and her little sibling pops out, daddy will be her favorite.
  • Still a great eater.  Her favorites include oatmeal, cereal, any kind of soup, spaghetti, and fruit smoothies.  Oh yes, and EVERYtime she sees a McDonalds, she does the "choo choo" motion with one arm but says "Shake, shake" while doing it.  LOL.  Maybe I did go through a chocolate shake phase this pregnancy but it wasn't THAT bad?! ( so I thought).  I gave in yesterday and stopped to get her one just because it's so cute when she does it!
  • Here signature dance move is the "gitty up." (as Cornell would say).  She dances around like she's riding a horse.
  • Loves to grab Charlotte by the collar and lead her around the house while giving commands.  haha.  Poor Charley, looks at me with sad eyes everytime Makayla starts grabbing her collar but she's a good sport and goes along with it.

And a little pregnancy update: I'm huge, everyone at work stops me and says "when are you due again?" or "are you sure there aren't twins in there?"  I feel like saying "only a couple weeks left!"
("a couple" can mean 10, right?)
But baby is doing great and that's all that matters! So active in my belly...I do enjoy this stage in pregnancy, when you can practically feel them doing somersaults in there.  Much better than at the end when you feel like an alien is shifting around.

Hopefully more of an update on life next time...moving, Cornell's new job, recipes, baking, etc!!

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Anonymous said...

glad you are all doing well! makayla sounds so sweet! max's tantrums started at 18 months too. if it makes you feel better, he was a fairly easy two year old (i won't tell you about three, though ;).

and i SO remember wanting to lie to people about when i was due because they thought it was any day... and i had like two months left... lol!