Thursday, March 15, 2012

23 months and a No bake cake

Well, just a few more weeks until we celebrate this little girls' second birthday.  
She continues to grow and change so fast, I need time to stop!  I want to remember all of her cute little sayings and gestures, all of her hugs and kisses, and her love for her little sister(since i'm sure this will change in the years to come!)
Makayla continues to amaze us with her vocabulary!  I don't have anyone to compare her with since she is my first child, but people around us here constantly say, "she talks so good."  She repeats pretty much anything that you ask her to's so funny and cute!

One of my favorite phrases she says now is, "I'm happy!" 
She also hugs Adara and then says, "I LIKE Adara!" 
Today we were sitting at the table eating lunch, and I think I must have sighed loudly because she says, "What's wrong mommy?" I replied with, "I'm tired and sick honey." She then got a sad look on her face and said, "I'm sick too." (we are all battling a cold here)
There is something so joyful about your child being able to express themselves...besides just the normal crying if they are upset.

She continues to love Dora and Sesame Street, but now watches Diego and Curious George.  Loves the movie Rio and Jungle book(to say we have watched these 100 times would be an understatement).

She is wearing 3T because most 2T items are just too short for her long legs.  She is the same height or taller than most 3 year olds we know.  I'm thinking she may be a tall girl :)

As you can see in the picture...her hair is CURLY CURLY CURLY! But still very soft like my hair texture.  Remember I was worried about what her hair texture would be like? I didn't know how I would style it if it was like Cornells...but both her and Adara(so far), have my hair!! Yay!

She can count to 10 and sing her ABCs.  Loves to: play with her best friend Baylee, read books before nap or bed time, play with her kitchen and bitty baby doll, eat suckers, and play with big bouncy balls.  She still loves her mommy and continuously says, "why mommy?" or "C'mon mommy, let's go!"(while pulling my hand)
Also loves time with daddy, which usually involves lots of giggling or dancing together.  :)

Loves to eat-I try and feed her healthy choices but she sees me eating sweets and well, how can I say no to her cute little face.  I've even tried sneaking chocolate without her seeing, but if she sees me chewing, she points to my mouth and asks, "what's that??"  Then she will say, "Moooore chocolate please?"

Speaking of chocolate, I have a fun
new recipe if you want to try...

Delicious picture and recipe from here.

I found this super easy yet yummy dessert on Pinterest.  Decided to make it the other night and Cornell and I fully enjoyed it.  It's a fun twist on normal cake!

Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cake
2 cups heavy cream, divided
1/2 cup peanut butter chips
1/2 cup milk chocolate chips
12 whole chocolate graham crackers
optional-chocolate sprinkles

In a small saucepan, over low heat, combine 1/4 cup cream and the peanut butter chips, stirring just until melted and smooth: pour into a bowl.  Repeat with the milk chocolate chips and another 1/4 cup of the cream; pour into another bowl.  Refrigerate both about 15 minutes until cool.

With a mixer, beat remaining cream just until stiff.  Gently fold half of the whipped cream into peanut butter mixture.  Fold remaining whipped cream into the chocolate mixture.

Spread each of 10 whole chocolate graham crackers with about 2-1/2 tablespoons of the peanut butter whipped cream.  Sandwich together coated crackers to form 2 stacks (5 cookies per stack). Top each stack with 1 plain graham cracker. Arrange stacks, side by side, on a serving plate, long edges touching. Frost with milk chocolate whipped cream.

Refrigerate 6 hours or overnight for cookies to soften into "cake".


ps-for a printable version of this recipe, follow the link under the picture.

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