Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hello all! is there anyone left out there?
I know last time I posted, I was over-due with our 2nd baby...luckily she came out just a few days after that and we have been adjusting to life with two beautiful little girls.  I am working on typing up her birth story, it just seems that there isn't enough time in the day to finish!

Both girls are sleeping now, daddy is busy working on his sermon, and that leaves me a few moments to myself.  I finally got to start addressing birth announcements today, they have only been sitting on the table for 2 weeks.  While searching for my address book, I had to chuckle at myself...
today we had a weird day with tornado warnings/watches.  As far as I can remember, I have never had a true tornado warning(where the siren goes off, and not just to test it out) in my lifetime, just alot of practice drills.  So this afternoon when we were hanging out at home, and the tornado siren goes off in our little city, I was a bit unprepared.
I would like to think that I can think quickly on my toes, being a nurse and all...I mean I've been in quite a few high stress situations.  So the siren goes off and I tell Cornell we better head down to the cellar(not many homes have basements like in MN).  I grab Makayla and get our dog, Charlotte(Cornell has Adara).  Then, not knowing how long we will have to be downstairs, I try to think quickly of things that I need to bring with us.  I mean, what if we are down there for hours?! So I grab....
a glass of water, a blanket, my IPhone and IPad, and the diaper bag.
All the necessities right?!
No food? No candles? No flashlight?
Who cares if we are starving and can't see! At least I would be able to change a poopy diaper!

So off we go to the cellar. 
 Makayla thought it was great since there were old toys of hers down there...

(Cornell had grabbed a chair too since there was nothing to sit on).  So we are all down there, its gross and cold and wet, and i realize that I didn't even bring the glass of water.  Or the diaper bag.  I left them on the table by the door of the cellar.
But hey, I do have my IPhone and IPad! So maybe we could check facebook, pin something to pinterest, or upload a photo to Instagram while we are in the cellar. in a bad storm. with tornados.
Am I not pathetic?
I am almost embarrassed to type all this.
(although my phone did help because my mom was texting and updating us about the tornado/weather while we were down there)

Luckily we only ended up staying in there for about 30 minutes, nothing too traumatic.  The only tears that were shed were Makayla's when she got water on her shoes.
All that to say... I thank the Lord that we are all safe and okay.  But I think I need to take a chill pill with technology.  I have gotten so used to having it at my fingertips, that I treat it as if I couldn't survive without it.  I mean Makayla already knows how to turn on my Iphone, go to youtube, and watch her saved favorite videos.  She's not even 2 years old!!  
I have to remember that I have little eyes watching me at all times and copying everything I do.  
Thank you Jesus for my wake up call today :) 

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Allysa said...

So funny! I too grabbed the iPad and charger (becaus Ethan will be helpful when the power goes, right?!) when we headed to the closet during the storms!