Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas cookies

So I'm back(if anyone noticed I was gone)! :) I haven't been very busy(just work), and not much to write about! No fun pictures to post...we are pretty boring people I guess!

Anyways...I am in full Christmas spirit down here in Charlotte, NC! Ready to start baking goodies, but I need your advice...what is your favorite Christmas treat? I'm not sure what mine is yet....maybe gingerbread cookies or just the cute sugar cookies that me, Meg, Mom, auntie Lu, and Kirst decorate on Christmas Eve every year? I want to make a few batches of different treats to give as gifts and need some ideas!

Tell me yours!!!


Anonymous said...

chocolate covered peanut butter balls.

megan said...

christmas cookies fo' sho. you missed it last year when the boys were decorating the reindeer like they got hit by cars. perhaps again this year.

Sarah said...

My mom and I make a ton of Christmas cookies every year, but one of my abosolute favorites are ting-a-lings.