Tuesday, December 16, 2008

8 days til MN

So I had to post a picture for my brothers Josh and show that their homemade ornaments for us last year made it on the tree this year. This is the closet I could come with a decent picture of Charlotte next to the tree without her freakin out with excitement! I can't put any presents under the tree, I know she would somehow ruin them. :)

So 8 more days...Cornell and I are getting soooooo excited! I heard about the big snow storm up there, and I can honestly say them I am kind of jealous of the snow. The gloomyness down here does nothing for our Christmas midwest spirits!

I am almost done Christmas shopping also...just 1 or 2 more things! This is the earliest I have been done, I think EVER! I sent alot of gifts home, but I still have a lot here and need to start thinking how i will get them all on the plane without spending a fortune in baggage fees!

Also, have to thank my dad for saving our computer. No more virus!


Grandma Patsy said...

coolest ornaments i've seen

megan said...

glad to see pats has the internet. lol. love the picture of cornell and charlotte and love the boys' ornaments. hurry up and get here!