Sunday, December 7, 2008

Puppy for SALE!

Charlotte Anne Thomas. I am hoping this is just another "stage" that she is going through. She has decided over the last couple weeks to be naughty, not nice...this includes chewing on everything in day it was dad's chapstick, the next night she DUG in my purse and found my chapstick from Bath and Body Works and practically ate the whole thing! Maybe she just has chapped lips you say? No...and she also has plenty of toys to play with. Although I'm not sure that is any better. This past week, she tore her tennis ball toy into shreads and then chewed on the rubber and swallowed little pieces...that can't be healthy? Last night, she jumped up on the counter to grab my matches for lighting the candles, and chewed the box??? What the heck?
This picture is here new trick. She used to come in the bathroom while i took a, she decided it's alot more fun to jump on the bed, AND lay DIRECTLY on our pillows while I am showering. Um, no offense, but gross. I lay my head there. I took this picture as i exited the bathroom to find her here.
Cornell thinks we need to give her some tough love and not pay as much attention to her. She does believe that she is part human and doesn't need to go in a kennel.
Tonight I was trying to get into holiday spirit and put the reindeer antlers we bought for her on...she wasn't having it. The only way Cornell got a picture was if I physically held her head still. Charlotte was not harmed in the process. Maybe she is just acting out cause I treat her like my child. Who knows?


megan said...

ha, sounds like another naughty puppy i might know that is right now trying to bite me and sassing like it's his job.

Mom said...

Charlotte's just getting you prepared to be a mom someday -- !
Boots used to like to sneak up the couch when we weren't looking, one they get into that, it's hard to break it! You might have to take the pillows off the bed... or get her a pillow of her own, and see if she'll stay on the floor if she has a pillow to lay on down there? Good Luck!

Sheena said...

Where is Charlotte going when you are in MN? You should see what Jaya and Copper did to our blinds- I will post the pic soon... I came home and all I could do was laugh- both their heads were peering in the window and the blinds were shredded- ugh!

Anonymous said...

dog just has chapped lips. thats all.

Anonymous said...

She's rebelling because you make her wear those sissy dog clothes or those gay reindeer antlers.. she wants to be a real dog!