Monday, March 9, 2009

Savin' some money.

First, I just wanted to give a litte update on our saving money plan. I have to admit, because of all the chaos with moving, we have been eating out a bit more and I have not even thought about using a coupon. Just seems like too much work sometimes! But today when I did some grocery shopping, I tried to make an effort to buy items on sale for meals since i had NO coupons with me.

First stop was Target. I buy Target brand for alot of items we need. Here I saved only 6 dollars, and I got mad at myself for not using Cornells discount card for working at Target( fyi...his new job) which is 10% off. That could have been another $5. I will remember next time for sure!

Next stop was the grocery store near our new house. I needed a few dinner ideas and we just kept running into these great deals! We are so nerdy that we high-five each other in the store when someone finds a great price cut. Cornell and I were both pretty pumped about this money saver of....

yeah, that says $26.12. I couldn't believe it! And that was without hardly even trying and planning out this weeks meals! I can do alot with $26 these days! :)

We did get all moved in on Saturday, we ended up having so much help that it only took about 3 hours total to move out and then in to the new place. Such a blessing! And by the way, I absolutely LOOOOOVE our new home. I just want to be here all the time. The neighbors are great, it is quiet, close to our stores but not too close, and I can even hear crickets at night and see the moon(something you forget when living in the city). Charlotte loves it also, I got nervous because during our last move, she was depressed for awhile....not a problem this time. She is so tired at night from running around outside and constantly playing. God is good!

Oh and ps...sorry Meg and Kim...but it was so pretty down here this weekend! 75 degrees and even up to 83 today.


megan said...

i want to come visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom said...

Me too! Or I should say I want to come down sooner than the last week in April! I was hoping for a few more pictures with your stuff in the house, but, i'm sure you're still busy unpacking -- Glad to hear Charlotte is adjusting better to this move -- I wondered about that too.... love ya! Mom