Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our little pumpkin!

This is the extent of our Halloween celebration.   I baked cupcakes in Halloween colors! Oh yeah, and we have a pumpkin...but we didn't carve it.  I've never really been a big Halloween person, I thought it was fun when i was younger I guess. Still remember the halloween snow storm of 199?, Minnesota got TONS of snow and school was cancelled for days and days! 
I do admit though, Iwas feeling like an un-fun mom today, lots of our friends on facebook posted pictures of their little babies in super cute costumes!  All Makayla got to do is sit by a pumpkin! Haha.  Next year right!?
And I thought maybe I could get my baking skills back by making BOXED cupcakes and using PREMADE frosting? 
 oooooh, but don't be fooled. 
I didn't realize until after I had baked, frosted, decorated, and ate a cupcake that the box mix was expired which resulted in disgusting cupcakes.  Now really, I think my baking days are over.   

 Here's Makayla earlier this week.  Getting so big, and major losing her hair!  I'm curious what it will grow back like?  Since she was born, it has been soft like mine which I secretly hope it stays like :) I don't know how I will style it if it's more like Cornells texture! Oh and plus, since she doesn't look anything like me, at least let her have my hair please Lord?! LOL.  Today I showed a few pictures of Makayla to Cornell because in some of them I feel like I see something of myself in her facial features.  Not sure what, but something.  I asked what he thought, and he responds by saying..."Um not really in the face, but definitely the shoulders."

OMG? What? The shoulders?

I got a good laugh out of that one!
He thinks that Makayla will look more like him and if we have a little boy, he will like more like me.  Who knows!?

 I have to bring Makayla to the doctor tomorrow for a well baby check-up.  Last time we went she was 13.5 pounds.  She has definitely gained weight since then! I have a hard time carrying her car seat now!  She's getting those cute chubby baby thighs!

These pictures are from today after church.  Sorry for all the posing with the pumpkin, but it makes for a cute prop this time of year :) Plus she loves it!


Don't mind my super white skin.  I don't really have time to care until I see a picture of myself!

And finally, Makayla and her DA-DA-DA-DA-DA
So cute when she says it.  But I can't help and try hard for Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma!


Jenelle "rella ella ella" said...

she is so cute! i bet over time she will start to look more like you and will pick up many of her mama's mannerisms :) {perhaps he meant she had little shoulders like her mama :)}

Mom W said...

The shoulders? What? LOL! I burst out laughing at that one! You are right hon, there is something about her that reminds me of you too --- I gotta get the baby pics out again -- but, she is gorgeous regardless of who she resembles most -- I mean really, how can she miss from two gorgeous parents??
She is sitting SO good now -- and says Da Da? Awesome..... let me know what the Doc says today --- ly guys

Auntie Cathy said...

Such darling pictures!!! You Mom is right..who cares who she looks like....she is seeing the new pics and the video of her laughing too!!

Auntie Cathy