Sunday, February 27, 2011

Makayla's new trick...

Can you tell what they are? Oh yes...teeth marks.  On her crib.
She has started to get her second tooth(on the bottom too) and decided one day after a nap that she would just chew on her crib railing!? I came in the room when I heard that she was awake and found brown stuff all over her mouth.  Yes, gross!  I washed out her mouth immediately, obviously freaked out that she would ingest some of the paint and become sick.  She is fine but now the crib is wrecked.
Any other moms ever experience this?

Lil stinker :)

Have you seen these necklaces all over blog world? I finally made one the other night...just did it baby sized :)  So easy.  Only problem is that I only had black felt which you can see coming from behind the rosettes.  Makayla actually kept it on while I took a few pictures of her.  Usually she rips off anything I put on her that is not a shirt and pants!

And I saved the best for last...
Makayla and I get to come home next month to Minnesota! My parents are having a double birthday party for Noah(turning 2) and Makayla(turning 1).  I'm so excited!  Maybe it will warm up a little bit for us. :)


kim said...

my kids' crib looks like i kept a beaver in it. haha :)

Sarah said...

Elijah did the same thing, chewed it like crazy!

Sarah said...

You are becoming such a crafty lady - love it!!