Sunday, February 13, 2011


Makayla turned 10 months old on February 6th! Few things that are going on in her little adventurous world...

  • Busy little bee.  She goes none stop. Crawling and pulling herself up on everything.  Favorite things are mommy and daddy's cellphones, remote control, pulling dvd's out of the cases, picking up miscellanous lint/loose particles on the carpet, ripping up kleenex/paper towel/toilet paper to shreds.  Fun stuff right? :)
  • Waving bye.  Well not really a wave, but a hand up in the air.  
  • Gives some nice, slobbery, wet kisses.  If we say "Makayla, give mommy a kiss," she will turn and give us a smooch, open mouthed.  Haha.  Only something parents would get a kick out of.
  • She loves Charlotte.  Charlotte does not love her. Seems to find her a bit annoying at this stage.  Charlotte is constantly getting up to move if Makayla comes near her.  I think she got her ears pulled one too many times.  Luckily, we never have to worry about her nipping at Makayla or anything.
  • Has reached the 20lbs mark.  Which means time for a new car seat!
  • Plays her own game of peek-a-boo by turning her head to the side and then back to you real fast, laughing at the same time.  Adorable.
  • Laughs at herself while she's playing.  It makes me laugh too. 
  • Still just that one tooth on the bottom :)

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    Gramma W said...

    I can hardly believe how fast the months have gone! 10 months already! Such a beauty :) Can't wait for you to visit Makayla!