Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time for an update

Well, I am officially "over due."
So not fun.
This little one is just soaking up time in mommy's belly.  I wouldn't mind so much if it didn't mean I continue to gain weight and grow increasingly larger by the day.  The skin on my abdomen feels like it is stretched to the max and will rip any day now.
My doctor won't let me go a week past my due date so if this little one doesn't come soon, she will be forced out!  There is something about being induced that makes me slightly anxious.  The main reason I believe is that your given a date on the calender where your life is about to completely change.  There is nothing spontaneous or relaxing about that.  I remember being on bedrest with Makayla on a Saturday and knowing that on the next Monday we would be parents...I went through so many emotions...happy to sad, excited to bummed, confident to anxious, etc, etc.  I remember watching a movie with Cornell and I kept looking at him, thinking, "this is the last weekend it will EVER just be me and him!" It was kind of an overwhelming feeling.  Our world had revolved around ourselves for so long.  But now when I look back at that stage in our life, I realize how God's timing is always perfect.  To the outside world, it probably didn't seem like the best time to bring a baby in the world(i.e finances, busy schedules, no family near us, etc) but it was such a gift from God to give us Makayla.  Our lives have so much more joy in them with her here, and sometime this week, it is about to double!  I feel so blessed!  But also have the moments of feeling sad for Makayla...I want her to continue to feel so loved and special.  I have fully enjoyed this past one and a half years of us being the three musketeers. 

She is going to be such a great big sister.  She has been so great with her baby doll her, pushes her in the stroller, gives her a bottle, and wraps her in her blankie.  It's fun to watch how she is naturally very motherly.
I know I say this often, but I really enjoy this stage Makayla is at(21 months now).  She has gotten so vocal and is able to express herself so well to us.  She loves to run around the house, dance with her daddy, eat chocolate, and just laugh.  One of my favorite things she is doing now is her "routine" with expressing love to us...we can never just hug or has to be a hug, a kiss, a high-five, and then a fist bump(which she says, "pound it.").  All of those at once!  She also got transitioned into her big girl bed this month.  We had to do it before baby came so that way she didn't get a new sister AND her bed taken away.  She has done great, we've had no issues so far, she continues to sleep through the night and in the morning I can hear her saying..."MOM-eeeeeeee or Daaaaddy!"  She seems to not have figured out that she could get out of bed herself if she wanted :)  But I'm okay with that!

One other update on our life is that Cornell graduated with his Master's in Christian Leadership last month!  I am so proud of him and still have to remind him that he now has 3 degrees! 
Here's Grandma Wick with Makayla at the graduation ceremony...

And Cornell grabbing his degree...

Just a couple pics from our days at home...
Watching Dora and eating "num-nums"(aka M&Ms)

And taking a break from her "bouncy-bouncy."

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