Tuesday, January 18, 2011

9 months and counting...

Look who takes a bath in the big tub now! This is from last month sometime...Makayla is changing so fast! I say that often but it's so true.

So we are going through our first baby sickness(and mommy is sick too).  Makayla developed a yucky chest cough a few days ago and has a nose that is seriously like a dripping faucet.  Just a low grade fever so far, which is good.  I find myself forgetting EVERYTHING I learned in nursing school when it comes to my child and deciding to just call my mom for guidance.  She always has the answers!  Last night, we put a humidifier in Makayla's room hoping that would help the hacking cough.  I think it did, she slept for a longer period of time than the night before.  Mom said to try Vick's vapor rub, gotta grab that tomorrow.  So we will see...

Makayla is also getting her first tooth AND starting to crawl!  Lots of fun stuff all at once! I was starting to worry on the tooth thing, I know babies that sprouted teeth at 4 months?!? Holy cow!  So here we are, at 9 months, getting the first one.  And boy does it take it's sweet old time.  I think it's been about a week and a half and it's still not all the way in!  I thought once you feel it in their gums, the next day it would be a whole tooth exposed? Nope.
Crawling-she's just army crawling so far, but it gets her where she needs to go :)  Fun to watch her figure out how to be mobile. 

I still need to catch up on all the exciting times in December.  Geesh, where are the days going?

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Sarah said...

She is so cute and getting so big! Miss you all and love you!