Sunday, January 23, 2011

Feel bad for us

This is just a little glimpse into our life right now...

I don't think I've been this sick in years? I guess working at a hospital helps build up your immunities.  So what is worse than feeling like crap? 
 Having a baby that feels like crap too.
Makayla's little snotty nose and cough turned into a fever, ear ache, small appetite, and wheezing when breathing.  I called the doctor on Thursday and got the earliest appointment on Friday to see our pediatrician.  She was literally a little noodle all day on Thursday, she didn't want to play or be put down at all.  She just wanted to be held and rocked.  I had to bring her in the shower that day so the steam could help with her congested chest...she fell asleep in my arms in the shower.  Poor little baby
 Cornell brought her to the doctor's appt on Friday morning since I'm also sick, and I got a call from our pediatrician about 30 minutes after the appt time.  She said, "Jamie, I think your husband is a little overwhelmed so I just wanted to give you a call and tell you what's going on."  Makayla had an ear infection, her lungs were very wheezy, and she needed a chest xray at the hospital to rule out pneumonia.  Plus she needed treatments from this....
A nebulizer.  That little mask with the eyes is supposed to be a fish head.  Apparently that is supposed to make little kids want to have a loud machine with smelly air strapped onto their face for 10 minutes.   Ha.  Makayla didn't fall for it one bit.  She's not a huge fan.
But the good news is that her x-ray was negative and she doesn't have RSV.
Just sick.

Here's her when she came home after the doctor.
Still wanted to do patty cake with momma.  :)

So now it's Sunday night and neither one of us is better.  I even called off of work on Thursday and Friday hoping that I would be ready to go on Monday.  But the germs are still here.  Although my body aches are gone so that's a bonus.  And I had a corn dog for dinner, another bonus.
Make sure you are washing your hands everywhere! You don't want this sick bug!


GmaWick said...

Well, I, for one feel bad for you guys! I sure hope this week brings better days for you both! And I hope Cornell doesn't get it too!
Good thing Makayla's momma is a nurse -- I don't think I could have figured out that nebulizer....

megan said...

i do feel really bad for you, i think you seriously caught exactly what i had. FEEL BETTER!