Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome to our world...

of STANDING up!!

Besides crawling, Makayla now loves to pull herself up on everything!  She'll stand for awhile, and then slowly lower herself back down.  It's pretty darn cute to watch her think it through and try to be careful.  And no, I don't keep her caged in this pack and play(thanks again Allysa!!), but if I have to do something important like shower, she needs somewhere to be safe for 10 minutes.  It's this or the baby walker(she hasn't figured out that she walk in that thing yet)! :)

Crawling has been interesting but fun. :)  Gone are the days of me just setting her down on a blanket and letting her play for awhile.  We now have to watch closely because the first thing she does is speed-crawl over to the entertainment stand and try pulling herself up.  All I can picture is our big flat screen wobbling off the stand and falling right on her head.  Why do they bypass all the toys and head for the "no-no" items? 

 Here's Makayla today after church. We were close to naptime and I could not get a smile out of her! Oh well... I love love love dressing her like a little girly girl :)

Reading a book with daddy.  She love these books(that we got as gifts) because they have pictures of baby's faces in them.  I say, "oh Makayla, look at the BABY!"  And she gets a huge one-tooth-grin.  She loves other little kids!

 I bought this little cradle for her baby doll last week, it's so pottery-barn-ish cute!

PS...did I mention we are almost sickness free now?  I still have a little cough, Makayla has a little ear infection still, and Cornell is at the end of the sick bug!  But praise God we are all functioning again!


Shak Family said...

darling little purple outfit perfect for a darling little girl!

Grandma W said...

She's such a sweetie - love the pictures, keep them coming -- I want to see her tooth! lol

Tevie & Allysa said...

She is SO beautiful and SO big! And the pack and play is cute! You never see good pictures on the internet! Ha ha.:)
I kinda hope we're having a girl so I can buy Makayla's super cute wardrobe off of you! Such a little fashion diva!