Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hi. I am sick.

My poor little baby. Just not feeling good.  Although we did have a period of a few hours that were promising, she was smiling and playing for quite some time with no complaints!

I had to laugh today at Makayla and I hanging out...she was having a hard time napping due to this illness.  Her cough seems to flare up when she lays flat, but I could tell she was pretty sleepy.  I brought her in our room and we laid down on our bed together.  My hope was to have her doze off and then I would lay her back down in her crib.  So we played for a few minutes, she laid her head down, and I rubbed her back until I knew she was sleeping.  Well of course, I started coughing as she is dozing off and immediately wake her back up.  So I closed my eyes pretending that I was asleep, hoping she would just try and fall back asleep(so tricky right?). Haha.  Well she lays her head down but then all of a sudden I feel these little hands, gently, touching my eyelids, then my nose, and then my lips.  So sweet right...yeah, that's what I thought until I felt a big...
on my forehead.  She decided I needed to wake up I guess. haha. It startled me.
We got up and played some more. :) 

Hope everyone is having a good week!  Wednesday already!

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Grandma W said...

ohhhh, poor baby (and mom) -- not fun to be sick! We feel for you guys, wish we could be there to help.... Get better quick!