Sunday, January 25, 2009

Everything tastes better with a little...piece of hair?

Okay, so maybe not one of my proudest moments as a wife....
I made chilli the other night for dinner, it sounded so good to both Cornell and I. Turned out pretty delicious if I do say so myself. Cornell got seconds and was very excited to find the secret ingredient...a nice long piece of my hair! haha! I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Pretty gross if you can tell in the picture. And the first thing that came to mind...I'm turning into my mom! Growing up, every once and awhile there would be a hair here and there in dinner, and my brother Josh always seemed to be the lucky one that found it on his plate. And if you know anything about Josh, he doesn't do well with anything abnormal with food. He doesn't like anything that makes his hands messy while eating, or even anything on his plate to touch. So a piece of hair was the ultimate "grossness" for him. Not sure if he has out grown this yet? :)
I redeemed myself with a batch of cookies...I call them "Ebony and Ivory." White and milk chocolate chips are such a great combination, just like Cornell and I...they also happen to black and white, just like Cornell and I! haha...I'm cheezy I know!
Next blog I promise to not talk about eating!
Love to all!


megan said...

i just made the exact same cookies :) coincidence?

Kelly said...

hahahhaha...I totally can see Josh being like that when he was little! We were eating dinner at my parents when I lived at home- and I made him something and my hair got in it. He freaked out and threw all the food away. lol He is always weird about the texture of food, too. That's pretty funny tho- the pic of Cornell holding it lol

Shak Family said...

Hey! Would you please send me that great baking website (the one with the cupcakes). I have been wanting to try them. Thanks so much! Great seeing you guys on Sun.