Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Thomas Bakery

So I have to thank my parents again for giving me the best gift EVER for kitchen aid mixer.

I have been baking up a storm in our little kitchen down here in Charlotte! I've been trying new recipes to see what could become a favorite around the Thomas household, and what is not a fav. First up is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Mud Pie...
It has Nutter Butter cookies for the crust and is very yummy. My husband gives it an A+, even says he wants this for his birthday instead of his beloved banana pudding. That's big for him!
Next up is my cupcakes...the appearance isnt so great. They are supposed to be sunflowers but the frosting was the wrong consistency of what the recipe called for, it melted if it was out of the refrigerator for only five minutes and made my decor look like mush.

The taste was still yummy dad's famous chocolate vinegar cake with ice cream frosting. I got the idea out of my new "Hello Cupcake" book.

My next dessert was just a plain cheesecake with choice of toppings...strawberry/rasberry, caramel sauce, or just homemade whipped cream. This was gone before I could take any pics tho! It was good, but not a cheesecake factory cheesecake, I would try a different recipe next time.

Tonight I made M&M bars...nice and ooey gooey...just what i was in the mood for.



Anonymous said...

i have already decided i'm asking for a stand mixer for christmas next year! your baked goods look so yummy :)

megan said...

mmmm mmmm, yummmmyyy i hope you ate every last bite :)

Sarah said...

#1 You lucky girl for receiving a Kitchen Aid Mixer!

#2 How do you stay so dang skinny with all those goodies you have been making?!!

#3 I need your recipe for the cupcakes that were in the little bags from Kelly's baby shower.

Shak Family said...

Oh my these desserts look amazing! A bakery in the future, maybe?

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