Monday, November 24, 2008

'cause Sheena made me

i am: so excited to come home for Christmas
i know: how to save someone's life
i want: to have lots of babies, and sooner than later! :)
i have: a never-ending pile of laundry
i miss: my family
i feel: not excited for thanksgiving, i have to work
i hear: my gospel music and the dryer running
i smell: oatmeal raisins cookies i baked for Cornell
i crave: juice
i cry: randomly...hurt feelings, cute movies, and Extreme home makeover
i search: the internet for anything i, directions, gifts, etc.
i wonder: what the future holds
i regret: ever getting a stupid credit card
i love: Cornell and my doggie
i worry: about everything! I'm working on this
i remember: when Kirstin was born on this day some years ago
i dance: in front of the mirror all the time(don't laugh at me)
i don't: work-out either Sheena, don't feel bad
i argue: when I AM right, cause i'm a stubborn Wick. Also working on this
i write: a budget and never seem to follow it
i win: millions of dollars according to my junk email folder
i lose: my keys about twice daily
i wish: money grew on trees
i listen: to gospel music all the time, but I do enjoy Beyonce's new songs
i can usually be found: baking something
i am scared: of growing old
i need: my hair to be dyed but can't afford it this week
i forget: to make my dentist appointments every 6 months, i hate the dentist

I tag Sarah Herrick because she doesn't post enough on her blog!


megan said...

can i just say 1. got a card from gram, can't wait to tell you about it 2. i left mikes clothes in a pile for him to put away and 3. i just talked him into making cookies for me.:)

Sheena said...

i love how you put you were scared of getting older- i feel like that was how you indirectly continued to mention me in the post- haha!

Kelly said...

i wish money grew on trees too! Then you could come see us more often- and we could come see you!!!