Tuesday, November 18, 2008

life WITHOUT cable television

So we have been about a month now without our cable television and we are surviving...well, I am anyways! :)
Poor Cornell has been talking the past few days about wishing he could "somehow" just get ESPN so he could watch football, college basketball, and now NBA. I secretly, sometimes, am thinking how grateful I am that I don't have to watch every football team play ALL weekend's great! But I feel bad once and awhile for him.
I have wanted this plate for a long time, but not sure anymore, it doesn't really apply to us right now! :)
I love the site this is from, all really unique pottery, and funny! Our name is Mudd.
Now me on the otherhand...I only really miss cable on monday night when "The Hills" are on MTV. We have been renting alot more movies lately, and for pretty cheap. Anyone ever heard of RedBox? It's in our Walmart across the street and it only costs $1 to rent movies, including new releases! It's awesome! Check it out here.


Kelly said...

that plate is so cute! You need one that says basketball season! :) The baby is kicking a lot! Hopefully when you get home you will be able to feel him!

As for cable...I would probably fall into a deep depression without it right now. When the baby comes- I will never even see a tv probably lol

Mom said...

I agree-that plate is really cute! I'll have to check out more of the website.... Life without ESPN? I might have a hard time adjusting to that too!
I'm sure no basketball is hard for Cornell..... he can have his fill when he comes home to MN for Christmas!

Mom said...

FYI -- after looking at that website, I found a BFF mug that I'm going to send to my BFF, Suz, for Christmas! It's SO cute! Thanks Jam --

Anonymous said...

there is a redbox in bemidji.