Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sam's Club

I think I may have inherited my recent obsession with Sam's Club from of course, Mr. Brad Wick. Cornell and I bought our Sam's Club membership after our wedding, we decided that it would be very beneficial to our household. I have enjoyed pretty much every trip we have taken to Sam's Club since then. Our trips begin by Cornell wandering into the electronics department (where all the flat screen televisions are located) and I browse the jewelry sectioin looking at the cheap diamonds, every-single-time. We then move on to the pet aisle...20 bucks for 55lbs of dog food...then household items such as dishsoap, dish sponges, garbage bags, toilet paper, etc. Our grocery items are normally chicken breasts, egg beaters, milk, and salmon. Oh yeah, and we also buy our toothpaste and mouthwash there. The bill is never under $100 but I figure these items in bulk are saving us money in the long run!
So today I read an article on the 5 best and worst deals at Costco/Sam's Club, here are my findings...
Best Buys
1. Alcohol(who cares)
2. Milk, butter, eggs(sweet)
3. Electronics(my husband and father will be excited about this)
4. Meat(awesome)
5. Prescription Medications(doesn't apply to me right now)

Worst Buys
1. Designer clothing(what the heck? never seen this at Sam's Club)
2. Items that don't get fully used(don't go shopping here when you are craving anything, you will be eating it for months!)
3. Frozen foods(people usually don't have the freezer space to hold it all)
4. Paper goods(no more toilet paper from sam's club)
5. Gasoline

You can read the full article here.

Not sure this was useful to anyone, but it doesn't hurt to hear the best deals in this economy! Oh yeah, and Dad, I didn't see anything about huge bags of M&M's... :)


Mom said...

you and Dad are so much alike!Ha

Kelly said...

We asked for a Sam's Club membership from my parents for Christmas! My sister said the diapers there are good! lol :) Oh the big bag of m&m's..always at the cabin!! :)