Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall back

Did everyone enjoy the extra hour of sleep? Cornell and I sure did!

Here's Cornell's picture for the team website! So handsome! His team had "Midnight Madness" last night, except for it was at 6 pm and not midnight. It included the girls and boys team doing activites such as 3 point shooting, dunk contest, scrimmage, half-court shots, etc. Cornell did awesome in the scrimmage, he had about 4-5 dunks! I was a proud wife in the stands! :) I took some pics, but they didn't turn out...


Mom said...

Why don't boys ever smile in their sports pictures? Bry's is like that too..... Hhhhhmmmmmmm
I'm glad Cornell did well in the scrimmage...... Doing work, son..

Kelly said...

I like your new blog! It's pretty!! :)

wed.... we find out what we're having!!! I can't wait!